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  1. Hi everyone, I've been looking for an answer desperately. I've just started learning obj-c/cocoa touch so bear with me if I'm asking something really stupid here. I'm building an app that requires the same type of navigation (or similar) to that seen in the itunes app and the marvel comics app. I can't seem to find a good explanation of what UI elements are used on those. Is that a HTML assembled UIWebView? I somehow doubt it... Is it a UITableView? How would you go about replicating that type of navigation in IB? (see attached examples) Thanks for any help!!
  2. Just a small suggestion. Try reinstalling on a partition with no spaces in the name. it worked for me. I had the EFI bootloader mbr, but it wouldn't boot bc the partition name was called "Mac OSX". formatted as "OSX" and it worked fine.
  3. I just installed this on the weekend. Worked without a hitch... once I read about the "no spaces in the partition name" that is. Anyway, since then, everything has worked fine, except for two little things. Both of these issues seem to not be directly related to zephyroth's release at all. Instead, they seem to be a problem of leopard itself. 1. No-so-annoying, is the fact that some folders on a non-system volume have become locked, and cannot be unlocked (meaning, I can only read from them). I later discovered it happens to some people with either external drives, mounted drives, flash disks, specifically formatted in FAT32. I tried numerous different things under OS X to correct this,including booting as root, chown, etc, etc. No big deal, I went into windows, and unchecked the read only and that seemed to fix it (why leopard decided to mark them as read-only in the first place is beyond me). Anyone else have this happen? 2. VERY aggravating: The network speeds for wifi are painfully slow. Internet speeds are fine, just mac-to-mac file transfers. Again, seems to be a problem with leopard itself, as I've read all over that it affects people with legit leopard installs as well. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm running the broadcom wifi drivers btw. Can I install the airport utility, and airport drivers software updates? (I usually stay away from that type of update and system updates as well). Since it seems that it's a leopard problem, maybe the software updates will correct it? Will it break my install? 3. How the F#&% do you use Marvin's utility??? Thanks in advance!
  4. ATVfiles

    I was wondering the same thing. I did some initial tests trying to copy an instance of atv files. played around with in the hex editor, but I'm no programmer, so it kept "mixing up" both instances. If you know what I mean. Any thoughts on this anyone?
  5. Not restarting... BUT IT USED TO DO IT!

    C'mon peeps! I hate bumping posts, but no ideas!?!? I thought there were geniuses here!
  6. OS for everything... but gaming. That is THE only reason I see to sticking with Winblows. I dunno, I'm conlifcted though, I would absolutely buy a mac for my desktop, if it weren't for the limitations in gaming... that and apple's god-awful hardware. Since that was not an issue for my media center, I went ahead and got a mac mini and an external 500GB harddrive and hooked the {censored} to my TV (beats the hell out of AppleTV, I'll tell you that!)
  7. Here the deal: Installed Jas AMD Test1 about 6 months ago, through VMWare. Everything worked pretty much right off the bat. Only thing was that I had to unplud my USBs and reconnect; and I couldn't put the computer to sleep. That was it, the rest was fine and dandy. At some point my Hackintosh refused to restart anymore, and would just hang at a blank screen and I woul have to restart it manually. So, I decided to reinstall OS X to see where the problem was. Now, it still won't restart. I Fixed everything else (including the USB). I've been searching the forums about this topic and found two "solutions": 1.- a packaged fix that destroyed my kernel (had to reinstall after that). 2.- a bunch of topics that said to replace a chain of hex in the kernel (which, to my surprise, was already taken care of in my kernel) I also tried the platform=ACPI and platform=X86PC method, no good. I'm just baffled as to why it DID work at some point and why it doesn't now. I've played around in the BIOS for two days without any results. Any thought will be greatly appreciated!
  8. On every single boot I have to unplug my usb mouse and keyboard, and re-plug them for them to work. Granted it's not critical, but it's getting old fast. I'm running Jas 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 Test1. My specs: DFI LanParty SLI-DR Expert Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2 GB RAM OCZ Platinum Seagate Sata 250 WD PATA 160 XFX GeForce 7900GT Any ideas will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanx!
  9. how'd you fix it? I have to unplug and re plug my usb's on EACH boot for them to work.
  10. HELP

    Honestly, dude, there's a lot of info about that out there, like you said. A little research before asking. anyway, here's the link to the unofficial "bible" Then there's the Wiki And then there's this that might help a lot (done by a fellow chilean like me, heh. So watch out for the thick accent, haha)
  11. Read Only mac partition?

    Yikes. Thanks for the Heads up Rammjet. Yeah I'll just wait for the PATA drive then, that should be a sure bet.
  12. Read Only mac partition?

    Yeah, that's the one I meant. I copied the wrong link. I'll have to try that... although I'm getting a used PATA drive tomorrow, so I might as well just use that for OSX
  13. Read Only mac partition?

    Nothing? nada? C'mon, I'm sure someone has run into this... I did a little reading and it's still apparently an nforce 4 SATA issue. If some knows: Is THIS driver part of the Jas AMD SSE3 Test1 iso? Or should I "attempt" to install that? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Peace.
  14. Hi all, I just finished installing 10.4.8 AMD test 1 Iso via VMWare. All is good, OS X booted fine and is up and running. All apps show sign of life but... for some reason I can't write to the OS X partition (or any other for that matter, as they're NTFS). I'm thinking that's the problem, since safari says "can't write bookmarks" and I can't even copy files, and all my settings dissapear when I reboot. I'm thinking my main AFS partition is mounted as read-only, but I don't know if I can (or should) change the permissions. Any ideas? My specs: DFI SLI-DR Expert Athlon X2 4800+ XFX Geforce 7900GT Seagate 7200RPM SATA 2048 RAM OCZ Platinum Thanks in advance! EDIT: ohh almost forgot. I'm having problems with my usb devices. I have to unplug and replug every time I boot for them to work. then again, I'm thinking this is because it's not saving my settings. EDIT2: More info! in addition to the above, I realized it detected my processor as with only 1 cpu... which doesn't sound good. also some sporadic crashing and what-not. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  15. that's weird. I saw (and installed) a Patch for Via/Nforce on the customize tab before install. Weird thing is that I can native boot in safe mode (but then I can't get my keyboard or mouse to work, go figure).