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Server Hackintosh as a high end desktop.


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firstly, im new, is this the right place to put this?

also im new, so any help at all would be good


Ive been looking at second hand servers on ebay, mostly 2006 or newer dell poweredge or Hp proliant.

what are my chances of getting OSX running on one of these systems, preferably lion.

i was thinking of using myHack.

will this run,

all the systems are Xeon processors and i read somewhere that mac and Xeon dont get along,

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Macs run on xeons so I see no reason why it shouldn't work but I couldn't comment on the concept of a server as a hackintosh.


Compare the parts in the servers to the compatibility lists on the wiki:


http://wiki.osx86pro...ware#Processors (Note the Xeons)


myHack is a one-click installer which generally isn't a good idea (although it probably is the best of the one-click installers). Such things leave you with a non-vanilla installation and no real idea of what they've added - a real ball-ache when trying to diagnose problems.


The best way to install OS X is to follow a tutorial such as:




This is the "real" way to install OS X by making your own installer then you know exactly whats going into it and when (if) you run into problems its far easier to diagnose. Doing it this way dosen't require much more effort and you learn whats going into it and get a better idea of how it works


Oh and I've run Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion and I wouldn't recommend Lion. It just never felt snappy or polished or stable as it should (I've seen programs crash on Lion on my mates real MacBook on occasion - never happend on Snow Leopard) - I'd recommend you go straight to Mountain Lion. Also Lion's font smoothing on non-apple monitors is pretty {censored} even when manually enabled (annoying if your running a nice 1080p monitor and the fonts don't look clear), in Mountain Lion its perfect from the go.

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Thanks for the quick reply,

I'll get a server then, looking like it will be a dell powerEdge 1850,

I'll try mountain lion first


I have a MacBook pro running lion, it just isn't coping very well with everything I throw at it,



Also does anyone know If chipsets could be an issue?


Also are there any other things with it being a server rather than a standard desktop that could cause problems?

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