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Several problems after upgrade


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Hi, I upgraded from Snow Leopard, and then updated to 10.7.4, and now my USB ports are not working (IDK why, but my Wi-Fi USB Stick is still working o_o ).


I tried downloading some old IOUSBFamily kexts, enabled the USB Bus Fix, but still...

When I try my flash drive, it's just blinking and then nothing. Same with my USB mouse.


What can I do more to fix that annoying problem, because now I have to use only my trackpad :( - FIXED! (Refreshed install and chose the USB Fix...)


Also, I get the "Your device or computer could not be verified" when I try to access the App Store.. I tried the EFIStudio fix, but it didn't work (maybe because I am using a WiFi USB Stick?)...


Aaand in the end, I have a nasty overheat problem...now, my laptop's CPU's are around 75°C/167°F (so not normal)..

I tried the "Generate P and C States" but it didn't worked..

My PCIRoot is 1 now(It was 0, so there was no difference..)


If you can help me with anything, I'll be very, very grateful!


Thanks in advance,



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