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  1. No one had this issue with the ghost monitor? :0 :/ Edit: I have some progress. When I don't connect anything till the login screen, Sierra detects only one monitor, as it is. :/ Edit 2: fixed it. The issue was the framebuffer, so I had to create a custom one for my card. Did it using Vlada's tutorial (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303186-how-to-modification-of-amd-fb-clover-injection/).
  2. No, I don't. I only have it connected through HDMI. this is a very weird issue.. :/ someone on Reddit told me it's a "ghost monitor" that can be removed using some script, but I can't find anything
  3. This actually worked!! But I have another issue now... macOS thinks I have two connected displays. Any suggestions? >_>
  4. Hey, so I just installed Sierra using the iAtkos SR and everything works except my Graphics... It shows that I have only 5MB Video memory.. My card is AMD Radeon R9 270. Tried different stuff when installing, like different framebuffers like Hamachi, Futomaki, Dayman, but nothing seems to be working. Tried installing extra stuff with a "AMD Radeon GPU Injector Tool" but nothing worked. The weird thing is, everything worked flawlessly on Yosemite. I even updated without problems via the AppStore, and I never did anything special for my graphics back then as far as I remember. I was running a pretty stable hackintosh on Yosemite (It was iAtkos too), but wanted to upgrade. Has someone with the same graphics card encountered this issue, and fixed it? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hey, I updated my Mavericks to 10.9.4 today and it doesn't want to boot anymore. This is the error: what can I do? I tried using slide=0, but it didn't work.
  6. Mavericks booting only from USB

    I don't have that option.
  7. Mavericks booting only from USB

    Yes, I installed OS X on that drive. But the bootloader never loads, despite it being first in the boot priority.
  8. Mavericks booting only from USB

    Yes, Disk 1 is for OS X (and the partition after that is 1TB of random stuff like movies and music)
  9. Mavericks booting only from USB

    I did configure it, it doesn't want to boot. I have an ASUS MoBo and I've done every setting exactly the way they are supposed to be, but nothing seems to work Edit: Is it a problem that I already have Windows 8 installed? This is how my disks look like: http://puu.sh/a3MiZ/31ed29bd1a.png (OS X is installed on Disk 1 on the 931,51 GB partition) Should OS X be on Disk 0?
  10. Mavericks booting only from USB

    Okay, I tried it just now, with the clean install then I installed Clover and my kexts, but it still won't detect the bootloader from the HDD, only the one from the USB. I am sure I'm installing the bootloader correctly, I customize it and click to install the UEFI one. Still, it doesn't work ... :/
  11. Mavericks booting only from USB

    Well I did reinstall a couple of times and I must say I use Niresh's distro, and it has an included Clover UEFI bootloader. So shouldn't that be enough?
  12. Hello people! I recently opened a topic asking why is my LAN not working, but I guess I should've asked about the bigger issue -- that OS X boots only with the help of the installation USB. What I mean is, the bootloader is not loading (for an unknown to me reason) but the bootloader from the USB is working just fine and with it I can boot in the installed OS X. I've tried different bootloaders, like Chameleon, Chimera, Clover (as suggested by ) but nothing seems to work. My motherboard has UEFI, and I think that's the main reason it's so complicated. I've disabled Windows' UEFI boot in the boot priority because I read OS X won't boot if it's enabled, but then it just boots into UEFI setup. You can see my CPU/MoBo/GPU info here Is someone else having similar issues? Thanks in advance!
  13. Can't get LAN working

    I just tried that, it didn't work. I tried disabling all other drives from the boot priority and when I do that, it boots directly to my BIOS. I think it's not that simple with UEFI as it is with EFI, or am I wrong?
  14. Can't get LAN working

    i did try to install a bootloader multiple times (Chameleon, Chimera) but when I set it to boot from this HDD it just won't and it boots my Windows 8... First drive is Windows 8 installed on a SSD and second is OS X installed on a 1TB HDD. But it only boots with my USB drive. :/
  15. Can't get LAN working

    I tried that now, it didn't work also Could it be that I'm booting from a USB drive? I haven't configured my BIOS to boot OS X on his own (UEFI...)