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ALC1200 / Nvidia 9800GTX+ / 64bit

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Hi, I'm new and noob on hackintosh.

I tried to do my first hackintosh using guides, but now I'm stuck.



ASUS P5Q with ALC1200 (sound)

Nvidia 9800GTX+


Installation Steps:

1. ###### + SL retail on USB Stick

2. GUID Partition on HDD

3. 10.6.8 Update using system date prior 23 March 2012 (apple installer certificate deadline)

4. ###### ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url])

5. Audio Kexts + ATE1L Network Kexts


First problem:

Audio is working on Front Panel only.

There's a way to fix the rear plug?


Second problem:

VGA seems to work OOB

resolution ok, the bar in translucent, there are effects

but when I use intensively the system, It seems a bit sluggish.

I didn't used nvenabler nor graphicsenabler in chameleon, yet.

I must use them for achieving fully vga power? (like playing Starcraft2 or Diablo3)


Third question:

how to use 64bit? I installed SL with only 4Gigs of RAM but I want to go 6.



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Snow Leopard will run in 64-bit kernel and drivers mode by default on that hardware, unless you have the arch=i386 kernel flag set in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist.


OS X is not like Windows. In 32-bit kernel and drivers mode OS X can run 64-bit apps, use up to 32GB RAM in total, and each running process can to use up to 4GB RAM. So even if you were running in 32-bit kernel and drivers mode, 6GB RAM would work fine.


For ALC1200 you can patch 10.6.8 AppleHDA.kext with HDAWizard. There are .xml and .plist files for ALC1200 in the HDAWizard thread if you look around a bit. However if you're already using VoodooHDA make sure to delete it first. Also make sure that your AppleHDA.kext is unmodified before you run HDAWizard on it. Additionally you will need the standard Intel HDEF device code in your DSDT.

I am unfamiliar with ALC1200 so I cant' promise you that this will make all your I/O work.


Since you're using several TonyMac products, you should go to the TonyMac forum for support. There's no way to know from here which patches are in effect on your system already, as you say you shouldn't have accelerated graphics working, but you do. So those TonyMac tools that you used installed something for you already. The same goes for the sound, if you want to try what I wrote above you're going to have to undo whatever modifications are already in effect first.

Giving you advice on what to do without having more information could easily make things worse.

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thanks for your suggestions.

The audio kext I used is this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161430

Simply I'm an idiot: on sound preferences I must select Line Out instead Headphones. I can't use two outputs simultaneously.


regard VGA: I see ripples when adding widgets on screen, I see screen savers correctly.

The system identifies correctly my card on system informations. It seems to be working.

I will test with Diablo3

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