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Asus P5W-DH wont boot past Boot Args

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Hey everyone. I have followed the guide from http://webcache.goog...s&client=safari (original site doesnt display) and then the side notes from another post on here (use r1999 chameleon for example)



P5W-DH Deluxe Asus

Q6600 Intel Quad Core


ATI HD 5600


I get the bootloader then do a -v and this is the last thing I see before the computer just restarts on its own.





I have the mach_kernel in the root partition (using a 2nd drive and split the installer *first partition* to 9gb then the rest for the install)


I am running the latest 10.7.4 with no issues and been doing this since 10.5 . Can someone help me plz?





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Thanks for the reply. I wound up doing some bios tweaks and it worked (why 10.7.4 was ok and 10.8 wasn't IDK why).


I Still have some issues with my video card (had the same issues in 10.7, should of bought a more compatible card for OS X), also with my sound (using a usb sound card for now). Other than that it is working fine.


Thanks again,


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I use same board, same problem. 10.7.4 works, 10.8 DP3 works, 10.8 DP4 won't boot. What bios changes did you make? I've used a couple of different images, so that's not the problem, DP4 installs, just won't boot. Thanks

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