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  1. jmacie

    BrcmPatchRAM thread

    Thanks, at the bottom of that page it points "Here" as a support page and my contribution is not code, it is my personal experience. Must have been broken rules
  2. I was following a thread about BrcmPatchRAM. It has been erased, right? I wanted to contribute. Any ideas where there might be a similar discussion of BrcmPatchRAM and Catalina post installation? Thanks
  3. jmacie


    tried installing Catalina from update and separately from a usb. I get the same freezup at clover boot. verbose says: AMF: Only 128/256 slide values are useable| Valid slides: 128-255 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Asus x99 rig Any help appreciated, Thank you johnm
  4. I tried installing from update and separately from a usb. I get the same freezup at clover boot: AMF: Only 128/256 slide values are useable| Valid slides: 128-255 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I remember the +++++++ from installing a couple of years back being an Aptio-type file problem. I just can't remember how I straightened it out. I tried googling the above verbose, but no help. I examined my EFI -drivers and drivers64 and drivers64UEFI files and it seems the newer Clovers have grouped the inside files a bit differently. Can't figure out if I should try different Aptio files or what. Any info appreciated. Thanks johnm This is on my X99 rig, Thanks
  5. I wanted to thank you especially for this section of your tutorial. I have a different computer but I had used your tutorial for my dual boot win10 and Mojave hack. I had success and have been going strong for four months. I did a bios upgrade and it changed my EFI. I couldn't boot clover. I tried everything, flashed back old bios, gparted to reformat EFI partition to re-install clover. No Go. After hours of frustration, I was set to re-install win10 and Mojave from scratch. When I came back to your post to refresh my memory about installing a dual boot. I read this section about badly written firmware from the manufacturer. and your instruction in this section to copy cloverx64 to the Microsoft boot folder in clover and renaming it. YOU saved me hours of work redoing my hack! I got my clover boot BACK! no re-installations necessary! So Kudos and Thanks! Johnm
  6. jmacie

    'Hey Siri...' ???

    https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-enable-the-hey-siri-command-on-a-mac/ the only problem with enabling like the article is lots of other apps get triggered to open, but there is a future for siri for sure
  7. jmacie

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for your efforts, it did not work. I did try a different config.plist too. I'm going to keep trying tomorrow, so messed up though.
  8. jmacie

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks Matgen84, I tried all different aptiofises but didn't work. I appreciate your help. Thanks
  9. jmacie

    Clover General discussion

    can anyone help with some info for me on this? Thank you
  10. jmacie

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks mitch_de, I don't usually boot in -v. I only did in photo to show where is stops. I appreciate your comment.
  11. jmacie

    Clover General discussion

    I can't boot with 4268 or 4259. I am able to boot with 4243 and before. In verbose boot with 4259 and 4268 it freezes right away and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot. I appreciate clover and any help you can give. Thanks johnm Attached photos of verbose freezing 4268, and the customize choices I made when installing clover upgrade only, thanks
  12. Do you have any go to pages that give good info and/or instructions about using ESXi and GPU passthrough and also digital audio? I"ve wanted to try using your methods to have osx virtualization from the windows os that has video acceleration and qe/cl. Are you able to have accelerated video with passthrough? Thanks
  13. I 'll do this this weekend. Thank you for the info
  14. yeah, I've never gotten my x99 and rx480 to work even with the helper cards. I spent months trying and asking questions. It seems impossible to get an answer why clover cannot bypass efi graphics initialization and let osx do it. I saw mork was on it on the clover test page, but it got forgotten. It seems the only easy way to get rx480 working is with a downgrade to a board with igpu.