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[GUIDE] How To Get Siri


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Before We Start I Would Like To Say I am Not Responsible on Whatever Happens on Your iDevice and that this works only for 5.0.1 and below (I am not sure if it works on 4.x and below) So if your above that downgrade with your SHSH blobs (Message me for more info)



Let's Get Started

1. Jailbreak Your IOS Device.

2. Enter Cydia and click search and type Spire download it (Notice: It may take some time because it's pretty big so if you think it's Frozen it's not also it is recommended to do this on WIFI).

3. Reboot

4. Open Safari on your iDevice and type http://connect.grwh.net/ca.pem download the certificate (May Need To Reboot After That It's Different For Each iDevice).

5. After your Certificate is installed navigate to: Settings -> General -> Siri and tap the on switch, this will activate the Siri.

6. Now Go To Settings, Spire and type 1 of the following addresses they have multiple so if one doesnt work try the others.


Server 1 https://connect.grwh.net:1001


Server 2 https://connect.grwh.net:1002


Server 3 https://connect.grwh.net:1003


Server 4 https://connect.grwh.net:1004


Server 5 https://connect.grwh.net:1005

7. Hold the home button and w8 for siri to pop up say hello siri.

Good Luck Will Update Servers if Change Thanks.

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once you get able to access Siri then you can do lot more without typing. just say


  • You can setup a meeting at time and date (create an event in calendar as per the time and day)
  • Send a message to <name> (a message will be prepared by Message app and after confirming from you, Siri will send the message)
  • You can ask Siri about the holidays in the coming months by saying “When is Easter?” or any other holiday
  • If you are in a confusion while selecting any dress or any gift then Siri can flip a coin or roll dice for you
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