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  1. How Do You Do This?

    i Fixed that to now what i have is the acutal lion app from the mac app store. i boot using tanymac ###### and when go into disk utility it wont find the hard drive i want it to find to install lion
  2. Before We Start I Would Like To Say I am Not Responsible on Whatever Happens on Your iDevice and that this works only for 5.0.1 and below (I am not sure if it works on 4.x and below) So if your above that downgrade with your SHSH blobs (Message me for more info) Ready? Let's Get Started 1. Jailbreak Your IOS Device. 2. Enter Cydia and click search and type Spire download it (Notice: It may take some time because it's pretty big so if you think it's Frozen it's not also it is recommended to do this on WIFI). 3. Reboot 4. Open Safari on your iDevice and type http://connect.grwh.net/ca.pem download the certificate (May Need To Reboot After That It's Different For Each iDevice). 5. After your Certificate is installed navigate to: Settings -> General -> Siri and tap the on switch, this will activate the Siri. 6. Now Go To Settings, Spire and type 1 of the following addresses they have multiple so if one doesnt work try the others. Server 1 https://connect.grwh.net:1001 Server 2 https://connect.grwh.net:1002 Server 3 https://connect.grwh.net:1003 Server 4 https://connect.grwh.net:1004 Server 5 https://connect.grwh.net:1005 7. Hold the home button and w8 for siri to pop up say hello siri. Good Luck Will Update Servers if Change Thanks.
  3. How Do You Do This?

    Update: I fixed the parsing file but if i do -v -f mach_kernel it will say at the end of a long time nothing to load. this is what it says then it says failed to load this is what it says then it says failed to load
  4. How To Install Lion With iAtkos L2?

    Update: I fixed the parsing file but if i do -v -f mach_kernel it will say at the end of a long time nothing to load.
  5. How Do You Do This?

    umm yeah on the fujitsu it keeps restarting and i think i should mention it says error parsing plist file.
  6. How To Install Lion With iAtkos L2?

    Update:Thought I Should Mention That At The Beginning of Every Boot it Says Error Parsing Plist File
  7. Hello Everyone I Was Wondering On How To Install Lion On My Fujitsu Specs Are in The Description Thx!
  8. actually u can fix this with an air duster thats how i saved myself and i could still use those accessories all i did was airdust it one turned it off airdusted again turned it on if that doesnt work just plug in a headphone into that jack and pull it out slowly
  9. How Do You Do This?

    NVM Guys Its Not Possible But ill Appreciate It If You Could Get it On My Fujitsu Specs in the Signature the reason its not possible is because eep357 says your pentium 4 has to be a special type which mine is not.
  10. How Do You Do This?

    ik its outdated ill just cpu z gimme a min
  11. How Do You Do This?

    see everyone asks me list your specs the only thing is how! i mean like i only got hackintosh and win (windows not working right now fixing it:D) and i dont know how to get my specs is there a software? heres a pic k sorry guys but my pic is not being uploaded i will try later :-(
  12. How Do You Do This?

    pci but if i do the boot where i have not replaced the acpiplatform.kext i get system uptime:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx because of some kexts and their library dependincies
  13. How Do You Do This?

    no good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ranks?

    Hah Cool Thx Oh Yeah another useful thing to know how do i delete my own threads? like trying to delete this one since i got my answer?
  15. How Do You Do This?

    ok ill stick with modbin also a guy was saying for the apci error try doing usekernelcache=no so should i try that to?