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Cant full res QE/CI working on XFX radeon 5450 please help


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right, ive been at this for more than two weeks straight and no matter what i do i cant get this card working properly


ive tried installing on lion and mountain lion with the same results


what ive tried is the ati 5000 injecter and also manually editing the 5000contoller and 3000xcontroller putting my id into both (68f91002) and repairing permissions


what this does is boots me to a black screen before logon with sort of garbled white blocks but can still hear sound if i press keys on the keyboard


ive also installed chiera 1.9.2 which makes my card show up on the first part of verbose mode but then hangs on dsmos has arrived


i think maybe somesort of bootflag may get me past this although ive tried alot of them inc. graphicsenabler=yes


ive tried every guide i can find on the internet with no avail


please somebody say "just try this" and it work :)


both me and my harddrive are tired of reinstalling osx just to have to reinstall again :(


let me know if anyone is willing to give me a hand, im pretty desperate :P

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ill give them all a go


just to add if i totally delete 5000controller and 3000G kexts i cant boot without using safe mode but get no graphics support card shows 3mb of Vram :S


ill let you know my findings with the frame buffers


thanks for the help by the way


in verbose mode im getting ati5000contoller.kext - kextd cannot be found and is not available in early boot


this is when ive put 5000 back not deleted it


any ideas?

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to install kext use this




i have tested that card to work good


snow leopard 10.6.7


in lion any version


only edit the ati5000controller




the atiradeon3000x already have the device id


after repair the permissions with


disk util


good hack

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hello! I have the same problem.. my card is ASUS ATI 5450 1gb.


In Lion this pack full work: http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2782


In Mountain Lion I edit the original ati500controller kext with device id and vendor ID but it doesn't work.

with previous pack, only resolution work, QE/CI doesn't work ( but I must deleted all original ati kext, if I don't delete any original kext ML doesn't start)


I use Mountain Lion DP3 12A178q

I use Kext wizard to install kext and repair permission

I use Chameleon r1988


Can you help me??? :(

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