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I have recently started to learn developing apps for iOS, and am now facing a question. I have to develop an app for a fashion company. And they gave me this as an example of what they expect from their app - looks, feel and features:


I am now wondering if this is written in XCode of Flash/AIR , because the way their iOS apps look, especially the IPad one, mimick with great success their website, which uses flash extensively. So , if anyone here is so kind, please advise me - what is your opinion on this matter? And also, if this is XCode, can you point me to a resource of tutorials on building such an interface?


Thank you all

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You can build in other programs such as Adobe Flash Builder which may be what the devs did which is why it might mimic their site so much. At the same time this is def possible in Xcode using table views a gallery view for the pic images it's not nearly that complicated of an app. Now there are multiple tutorials that you'll have to follow if you aren't familiar with Cocoa Touch but the crucial ones I believe are UIKit and understanding how table views work you'll get off the floor from there. Their iPad version from the looks of iTunes looks like a bunch of split view controllers for the most part.


I do have a question for you though, if you have to develop an app for a fashion company I believe you should have some form of prior knowledge on how to do this because coding up a stable app does require time (I'd say around a 4-6 week period depending of course on how much work you put into it).


You're welcome btw.

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