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Problem after disconnecting a secondary monitor.


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I recently upgraded to 10.7.3 running on:

MSI G31TM-P35,


Intel Quad-core Xeon @ 2.5GHz,

nVidia 9800GT 1GB.


I usually use 2 monitors, but since i've moved back to university after easter, i've had to use only one (the desk here is tiny). This wasn't a problem in SL, everything came back to one screen. Lion however, still thinks that there is 2 screens attached.


I tried using only one monitor on either VGA or DVI output on the card, but nothing seemed to change it. I hit "Detect Displays" many times, to no avail.


It's not that big a deal atm, because before i left i opened everything i use and moved it to the screen i'm using now, so now everything opens on the primary monitor. It's just annoying because i use hot corners, and i'm so used to going to the left corners for things, but it's quite hard when you've got to guess :P


Many thanks in advance if you have any suggestions for me :)

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