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Found 30 results

  1. ciao, ho un problema con un monitor Dell p2715q 4k, funziona bene a prima vista, ma quando lavoro su programmi piu' pesanti, ho qualche problemino , del tipo che su certe azioni risulta rallentato a livello grafico. Invece se ridimensionato il monitor alla risoluzione nativa (3840x2160), sembra che questo problema sparisca. In pratica ho problemi solo nelle dimensioni intermedie. sapete se si puo' fare qualcosa? Il problema credo sia dovuto al monitor e non alla scheda video, perche' su un monitor full hd non ho problemi di rallentamento. Per ora sto usando solo Lilu e wahtervergreen , senza questi il monitor nemmeno si accende. Se avete idee sono bene accette, Grazie!
  2. hi, Is someone using ultrawide monitor 75hz whit hackintosh? I would like to buy LG 34UC99 (resolution 3440x1440 and freq: 75hz) will it work for you?
  3. Hello guys! I Have my hackintosh finally working with 12.5. All seems to work, but dual screen is not working at all. There are 2 vga monitors connected in Displayport and HDMi (with connectors) I can use both only if first I boot with one of them. then in desktop I can plug the other monitor and works. If I boot with both monitors connected , the hackintosh boot showing image in only one monitor, and after of the apple screen it stops showing image (only colors) The components are: -Asus Z170-A -i7 7770k (Kabylake) -32 GB Ram 2400 DDR4 GSkill Ripjaws -Kingston SSD. What could happen? Thanks you so much!
  4. The only problem is that I don't get extended display if I boot with the external hdmi display plugged, the internal one lights up but no picture is displayed. Any clue? If I hotplug the hdmi display when already booted I got extended correctly, also if I close the lid the external becomes primary and if I reopen the internal turns on again correctly. So how comes this doesn't work if booting with the hdmi display already plugged in? My system specs suggest hd4000 id 1660009 so I put that in the dsdt instead of 1660003 Then applied these patches: for lvds internal video to work AppleIntelFramebufferCapri 010000000200000030000000 to 050300000200000030000000 for hdmi and dvi DVI (probably not needed as I only have an hdmi port) AppleIntelFramebufferCapri 020500000004000007010000 to 020500000008000006000000 HDMI (audio works) AppleIntelFramebufferCapri 030400000004000007010000 to 030400000008000006000000
  5. junausp

    Monitor 4k + Hackintosh

    Alguém saberia me dizer se um monitor 4K funciona normalmente no Hackintosh com uma placa GTX 980? Atinge a resolução máxima numa boa usando a saída DVI?
  6. Come da titolo vendo 3 monitor lg flatron e2240t da 21,5", stesso modello dispongono tutti di una risoluzione fullHD 1920x1080 e refresh rate di 60Hz (possibilità di settare risoluzione 5760x1080 con adeguata scheda video). hanno tutti una porta dvi e vga e insieme ad ogni monitor regalo cavo vga o dvi a scelta. per altre informazioni non esitate a contattarmi. vendo causa passaggio a singolo monitor per mancanza di spazio. do precedenza al blocco di 3 schermi ma vendo anche singolarmente: 250€ 3 monitor 95€ 1 monitor in vendita anche su altri canali
  7. HDMI + HDMI Sound works, but only 4k@30fps cause of HDMI version. Videocard IntelHD 5600 doesn't support HDMI 2.0 so i desided to use Displayport for 4k@60fps, but it just didn't work. So, there is no signal with 1080p monitor. It's a global problem with mdp on laptop. When I plug in the cable - system freeze for a moment, monitor offers to use displayport instead of hdmi (in monitor settings), but after a second - "no singal". I tried to use pixelclock patch, but no result. By the way there is no option in monitor settings to change pixelclock or displayport version. Also I tried this patch, but no results too. Also I tested this repo https://github.com/PMheart/CoreDisplayFixup. No success. Also I tried to attach DP port to the 0306 connector. Patch is working, but no success. All the conversations with RehabMan you can find on tomynac, but dead end there. I'm pretty sure that DP works by IntelHD (screenshot from Windows in attachments). On Windows displayport works properly 4k@60fps. Any ideas? Is it possible to make displayport work? Some system reports: kextstat|grep -y acpiplat && kextstat|grep -y appleintelcpu && kextstat|grep -y applelpc && kextstat|grep -y applehda 13 2 0xffffff7f8317d000 0x66000 0x66000 com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform (5.0) 65E05472-6AE7-3308-8CC8-FA6CB0DB2AEE <12 11 7 6 5 4 3 1> sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67062 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA0A for kext VoodooHDA.kext kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67013 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA3B for kext AppleMobileDevice.kext KernelCache ID: 1A85460C665F6568382229E5668249D0 CLOVER 2.zip MacBook Air.ioreg.zip
  8. Hi everyone, I am new, I hope I am posting in the correct forum. My specs: Processor: Core i5 6500 Skylake 3.2ghz Mobo: Gigabyte h170-d3h M2SSD: WD Black 256gb PCIe (Mac OSx) SSD: Samsung 860 Evo (WIndows 10) HDD: WD Blue 1TB GPU: Radeon RX 480 Monitor: BenQ RL2460 24" I was able to install High Sierra on a new m2 drive, that I added to the above configuration with windows 10 already installed. I had a few issues during install, including the monitor turning off at boot screen. Unfortunately, this persists even now. It turns off at about 60% of the progress bar, and to turn it on again I have to unplug/plug back my hdmi. Additionally, while all of the usb ports worked during install and while running it out of the clover I had on the usb stick, only the rear ones appear to work now. The audio doesn't work either, though I added the correct patch according to my mobo Lastly, my other drives are not recognized in the bios anymore. They run fine from boot override but they don't show up in the boot priority (while multiple entries of mac OS do, and they seem to increase in number at every reboot) Thanks in advance for the help
  9. Is there any way I can see the frequency of GPU so I can better tweak AGMP maybe...
  10. Hello Gentlemens I am asking you with a great request for help with a problem I can not deal with. I hope I have chosen a good section on this topic I have been using my Hackintosh for some time now it does not cause me any more problems except for the one that irritates me My problem: the system does not recognize my monitor and detects it as a monitor monitor VGA 13,9'' (800 x 600) Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB My monitor model: LG Flatron W2243S As you can see in the attached picture, the system does not recognize the monitor as a built-in screen My main problem is that when the screen resolution is set to 1920x1080, black bars appear on the sides of the screen It is not very comfortable, that's why I would like to change it and make the image look the whole width of the monitor The monitor is connected to the graphics card with an adapter from the VGA connector to the DVI connector this is my conifig.plist https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kBoGpfR8ooGAm-Y9C8Qu7rZetDWI8t6w I hope that I described my problem in a comprehensible way, thank you very much for your help
  11. nomadtrsh

    Sapphire HD5770 second monitor resolution

    Hi guys:-) I am here from 2008,and i make a Hackintosh these years which works 'till now...nowadays things are changed and i am started as a total NOOB:-) Now i completed new (old) maschine with Sapphire Radeon 5770 which has DVI, HDMI and Display port out.... Basically everything works fine because i find right DSDT file, i have ML 10.8.5 installed but....and the goddess of fortune was with me at this moment:-) and of course one friend from Zagreb who help me a lot with some advices:-) THX to him a lot:-) When i boot normally i have a fine correct scaled resolution on main monitor (1920x1200) and it is fine but on Toshiba TV 50" (second monitor) connected on HDMI output in HDMI splitter i have a max resolution of 720p or a little bit more 1360x768...and it is recognized as TOSHIBA TV On this HDMI splitter i have a 2 Toshiba TV in two rooms...on PC installation everything works fine... When i start with AtiConfig=Vervet i have a lot more resolutions higher than 1920x1080 on second monitor but it is recognised as VGA monitor and of cource card cannot start in this resolution and allow me to set max 1280x720....when i try to set 1920x1080 or higher it always returns me on first resolution.... If i start with AtiConfig=Baboon i see only a small part of second screen on both monitors:-) and i cannot do nothing.... Mobo: Gigabyte GAX38 DQ6, Sapphire Radeon 5770, 8 GB DDR2 Any suggestion for this problem maybe? THX in advance....
  12. fasullo

    [Risolto] Problema video.

    Eccomi qui. Ho preso sia l'adattatore che la scheda video. Funziona tutto, l'unico problema è che devo staccare il monitor e riattaccarlo dopo l'avvio altrimenti non si vede nulla. Stasera provo a cambiare monitor. Se il problema sussiste mi sa che devo mettere mano al config.plist? Grazie. Ok... é il monitor.
  13. Hi all, I configured my Clover to use framebuffer Cattail and patch it to fit my configuration. Now the internal monitor, HDMI and VGA ports are work normal. However, there is no brightness slide in Monitor configuration. I tried to apply DSDT fixes to add PNLF method and AAPL brightness to the corresponding device (DD02), but it does not work. Anyway, I found the monitor icon shown in System Preferences -> Monitor is a desktop monitor instead of a laptop. Is this the problem? How can I change it? Thanks very much. Laptop: Sony VAIO VPCCA series Graphic: ATI 6630M
  14. I have an issue which I believe is hardware related as I get a double beep from the bios and it will not display join this monitor Crossfire 27QLED native resolution 2560x2048. I can swap to a BENQ GL2450-T which has a native resolution of 1920x1080 and it works perfectly. I am using DVI Dual Link cable which I simply swap between the monitors for testing with the other end connected to my board Board - Gigabyte Z97X-SLI, CPU - Intel i7-4770k Onboard Graphics HD4600 Yosemite 10.10.1 with Clover v2k_r3065 Intel injection selected via Clover Configurator I want to use this monitor which I have previously used with Mavericks and a EVGA GT640 (want to use the onboard graphics now due to an issue with the nVidia drivers). I suspect this is something simple which I am missing so all suggestions gratefully accepted as to why my Crossfire does not play with the HD4600. Monitor does work with the nVidia card but am plagued by the nVidia reboot issue. Edited to add just discovered if I change CSM support from Never to Always I get some text from the Clover boot loader, although still can't boot - perhaps this is a boot loader config issue
  15. Hi, I recently upgraded to 10.7.3 running on: MSI G31TM-P35, 4GB, Intel Quad-core Xeon @ 2.5GHz, nVidia 9800GT 1GB. I usually use 2 monitors, but since i've moved back to university after easter, i've had to use only one (the desk here is tiny). This wasn't a problem in SL, everything came back to one screen. Lion however, still thinks that there is 2 screens attached. I tried using only one monitor on either VGA or DVI output on the card, but nothing seemed to change it. I hit "Detect Displays" many times, to no avail. It's not that big a deal atm, because before i left i opened everything i use and moved it to the screen i'm using now, so now everything opens on the primary monitor. It's just annoying because i use hot corners, and i'm so used to going to the left corners for things, but it's quite hard when you've got to guess Many thanks in advance if you have any suggestions for me
  16. Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. (I'm a noob when it comes to things like this) I'm a bit new when it comes to Hackintosh, but I'm really stumped about this. I recently got Kalyway 10.5.2 to run on my old Asus M6800n notebook as that was the only version of Leopard I could get working. The setup didn't include the right kexts for my graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon 9600) so I left them uncheck. Rest of the setup went fine, just had to install some missing Network and Sound kexts. When that was all done I edited the com.Boot.Apple.plist so that it wouldn't be stuck in 1024x768, which worked. But now I'm having this problem. The screen that is actuall on the notebook shows everything fine. However, the external Acer VGA monitor I have hooked up to the notebook has it's edges cut off. You can see these in the pictures attached. This is the screen of the Asus M6800n. As you can see every thing is on screen. This is the Acer VGA Monitor. As you can see the top and sides are cut off and not visible. I've looked through many forum posts, done tons of searches and all of the methods I found don't seem to work. One that involves modifying a Callisto kext seemed like it might work, and I would have tried it but it seems that the Callisto website is dead. I'd really like to use this monitor as the hinges on the notebook screen are partially broken. So, in short the apple menu bar and sides of the screen are being cut off on my external monitor but not my notebook's screen. If anyone knows why this is happening or what I can do to fix it please let me know. Thanks
  17. Ok.After update to 10.9.3 my monitor turn off in Mac board id Macmini6,2 and MacPro6,1 but work to iMac13,2 and Macbook Pro 10. But why does not work under any definition of Mac board-id? Thanks..
  18. fasullo

    Adattatore hdmi-vga

    Ciao a tutti. Ho un monitor VGA quasi nuovo, se comprassi un adattatore hdmi-vga oppure dvi-vga ho la piena compatibilità? Grazie mille.
  19. I have a Mac Mini 2006 (upgraded) with Intel GMA950 graphics, running MLPostFactor 10.8.5. It is connected to an ASUS VS197 LCD panel using DVI-D. This is natively a 1366x768 panel that is recognized and works fine. However, the other choices for resolution are 4:3 800x600 and 1024x768, and then the oddballs 832x624 and 1360x768. None of these are useful as a low-resolution widescreen for gaming or watching DVD content. Specifically I want to get access to 848x480 or 854x480, and also 1024x576. SwitchResX makes these choices available, but it doesn't work with a "full screen" game, presumably because the game directly queries OSX Display to get a list of valid resolutions and SwitchResX is bypassing that system instead. So the solution is obvious: buy a new computer pull the monitor's EDID data, hack it to enable new resolutions, and then tell OSX to use this custom EDID instead of the one retrieved from the monitor. Following the steps of the EDID injection guide, here is where I am: * Retrieve EDID, DisplayVendorID etc from ioreg. 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 04 69 F2 19 24 94 00 00 31 16 01 03 80 29 17 78 EA F5 45 A4 55 50 9E 27 0F 50 54 BD EE 00 81 C0 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 66 21 56 AA 51 00 1E 30 46 8F 33 00 9A E6 10 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 32 4B 18 53 11 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC 00 41 53 55 53 20 56 53 31 39 37 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FF 00 43 43 4C 4D 54 46 30 33 37 39 32 34 0A 00 F1 * Use an EDID editor to enable new 848x477 and 1024x576 resolutions. (Verify with an online EDID tool, and compare to the previous version) 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 04 69 F2 19 24 94 00 00 31 16 01 03 80 29 17 78 EA F5 45 A4 55 50 9E 27 0F 50 54 BD EE 00 81 C0 4B C0 4B CA 4B CF 61 C0 61 CA 61 CF 01 01 66 21 56 AA 51 00 1E 30 46 8F 33 00 9A E6 10 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 32 4B 18 53 11 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC 00 41 53 55 53 20 56 53 31 39 37 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FF 00 43 43 4C 4D 54 46 30 33 37 39 32 34 0A 00 47 * Create a new subfolder and plist within /System/Library/Overrides/Display/ containing the new EDID string and monitor name. * Reboot. Now the problems begin. Even though the plist file is being read (which I know because the Monitor Name has changed in Displays), the custom EDID is not being used. When I dig into IORegExplorer I am able to come up with AAPL00,EDID string and it is the unmodified one read from the monitor. I even tried a plug-and-unplug while OSX is running, and also tried to reset the SMC and NVRAM, but no dice. Do I need to start digging into DSDT hacking? Is the Intel driver pulling down EDID during boot and I need to override it somewhere else? What am I missing here?
  20. dagothewriter

    [risolto] problema secondo monitor

    ciao, ho un problema col mio hackintosh da svariati mesi ho installato Mavericks sul mio pc avente una ATi HD5850 ma lo riesco ad usare con un monitor soltanto i monitor non sono nulla di che, possiedono solo la vga e sono attaccati entrambi con un adattatore dvi-vga, ma funzionano egregiamente con ogni sistema operativo all'accensione del pc visualizzo le informazioni su entrambi gli schermi, compreso il logo della mela e i log visibili in verbose; quando arrivo al login, il secondo monitor si spegne non è un probelam di risoluzioni, nè di monitor: osx non riconosce proprio di avere un secondo schermo collegato, non ne vuole sapere né col tasto rileva monitor né con software diversi ho allora provato ad invertire i monitor sulle porte della scheda video, e l'immagine è tranquillamente passata sul secondo schermo mentre il primo era spento non ho più idee di cosa fare, e leggendo in giro mi pare di essere l'unico ad avere questo problema con una scheda video simile avete qualche consiglio da darmi? grazie
  21. After successful Sierra 10.12.6 install, the internal display is not recognized post boot. However, external display through HDMI works fine. Trying to use Intel 630HD graphics. The internal display works when booting with 0x123456789 as Fake ID but not when using ig-platform-id of 0x59120000 and no Fake ID. SMBIOS is MacBook Pro 14,3. Thanks in advance. Specs: i7-7700HQ 8 gb 2400 MHz ddr4 ram Intel HD Graphics 630 GTX 1050 4gb vRam EFI.zip
  22. I have a three-monitor hackintosh setup running on a GeForce GTX 660 video card. It's working just fine, and this problem is mostly just an aesthetics thing. I have a center monitor connected to HDMI and two side monitors on DVI. I was wondering if it was possible to force chameleon and OSX to boot onto the center monitor. Currently it's booting on the left DVI monitor.
  23. garnerlogan65

    GPU and Ethernet issues

    Hey everyone, I am posting (again) to see if anyone can help me figure out the issues with my hackintosh. I am currently using the Clover bootloader (UEFI), and running the latest Yosemite beta, I'll post my specs below: CPU: Intel Core i7 4960x @ 3.6 GHz No OC RAM: 64 GB Quad-channel G.Skill Ripjaws @ 1333 MHz No OC GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 780 ACX Cooler edition Mobo: Asus Rampage IV Extreme Three Asus VN247 Monitors (two on one card, one on the other) Any other information needed, just ask. I'm having issues with ethernet and my displays, even if I tell the system to boot with "kext-dev-mode=1," it refuses to load the ethernet kext it seems unless I boot with injected kexts and then it works fine. My second issue that I've had ever since I installed OS X, my monitors do not work properly, most times only one works, if I'm lucky, 2/3 of them work. The third monitor NEVER works, I'm not sure why I'm having these issues, does anyone else know? Any ideas, please let me know. Thanks. EDIT: As for the graphics issue it's like the system thinks that both cards are in the same slot because it says that both cards are in PCI Slot 0. Here's a screenshot: http://imgur.com/p9QYQ08
  24. Hi everyone, I got a very odd problem after updating to 10.12.5 and I'll try explaining it to the best I can along all troubleshooting I did... I have a Macbook Pro retina 13" (early 2015) that I've always used with two Samsung external monitors (both are the same model). One of them is connected directly through the HDMI port located on the right side of the Macbook Pro, the other one connected through a thunderbolt-to-HDMI cable. It has always worked until last week when I updated to 10.12.5. After the update, I quickly noticed that my Macbook Pro wouldn’t detect any external display via thunderbolt-to-HDMI. Thus, I started a long process of troubleshooting, and here’s all I’ve tried: Assuming it could have been a defective cable, I’ve tried 3 different ones, still no luck I’ve tried both thunderbolt entry, still no luck I’ve tried thunderbolt-to-VGA, it WORKS, yes, I know this is insane. I’ve tried to connect thunderbolt-to-HDMI (still with all 3 cables) on older Samsung monitors (again two older monitors were the same model, it was my old setup)… it worked Then, I assumed it was the Samsung monitors that were broken (the two of them at the same time…? Odd, isn’t it?). Thus, I tried to connect them on my mac mini, the same way I always did on my Macbook pro… And it works… Then I tried to reproduce the problem on my mom’s Macbook Pro retina 13” (exact same model I have the problem with and same update)... It works Then I assumed the problem must be coming from my Macbook Pro. Thus, I booted on Windows 8 (bootcamp), it works. Starting to lose my mind… I booted from an external hard drive I have (running an early sierra version), it didn’t work either (I had used this external hard drive in the past and it was WORKING) I've done a factory reset, still not working EDIT (forgot to mention): SMC, no luck NVRAM, no luck So in a nutshell, the problem seems to appear only via thunderbolt-to-HDMI, only on this specific Macbook Pro, and specifically on macOS. I’m no expert and I don’t know what else I can do. Of course I've tried contacting Apple many times but they keep blaming me for updating my mac and/or Samsung for making the environment not compatible, which I believe is a total nonsense. Has anyone encounter any similar problem? Does anyone know what it could be? I’m desperate so I’d like to thank y’all in advance for your help. Cheers