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Sapphire HD5670 & Leopard - No QE/CI


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Hi guys (hope this gets read)


System spec:


Asus P5QL-E

Intel Pentium 4 631 Cedar Mill



Asus SATA DRW-2014L1T



Sapphire HD5670 512mb GDDR5

3 ports (VGA, DVI, HDMI)


Samsung 2233BW 22" monitor


I have tried many times, with various setups to boot Snow Leo, I can install it using various distros, and the retail 10.6.3 image. They will not boot, using different boot commands, results in different non booting scenarios (KP, Black screen, spinning wheel, etc).


Hence, why I am settling for Leopard, until I get a new mobo & i7 combo (not soon enough).


I have Leopard running very very well, all except the graphics. I have looked on the web, countless times, and tried I think every which way possible. Which brings me here.......


Currently, the setup I am running consists of an iAtkos_v7 distro installation, followed by the 10.5.8 update from Apple. All I have done to this installation is update Chameleon to RC5 r700 (kabyl branch).


With this bootloader, I get a default resolution of 1400x1050. Which isn't bad really, tbh. However, I know this card can do more, as I use Windows 7 and it runs at 1680x1050.


I have tried many 'aticonfig' and nothing changes.

I have tried putting my graphics rom into the Extra folders, and used 'UseAtiROM' (yes, renamed rom to 1002_68D8 too), again nothing.


I used to use the kexts method, again, mostly nothing, but usually end up with same resolution.


Basically, I am sick of going round and round, to get nowhere. There must be something I am missing.


Regardless of any of the hacks above to get my card working, I do not get any additional card information in System Profiler, and it always says the card has 256mb RAM, and the main things QE is not supported.


I know that in 10.6.7+, Apple added support for my card, however, I cannot install to Snow, on my current hardware (for some strange reason).


Looks like I am stuck with half assed graphics. I can render small windowed movies/youtube/etc but full screen is a joke, my CPU will be feeling it!!


If anyone has any tips, advice (apart from install SL), please reply. If you need any further info, just ask, and I will be respond immediately!



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