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Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on Dell Inspiron n5050

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I, a got my hands on a new Dell Inspiron n5050. I'm gonna write up a mini how to on how I did it, since I had a few problems, I figure it might help some others. NOTE: I haven't tried a retail install, but will soon. They are always my first choice.


my specs:


Dell Inspiron n5050


Intel Core i3

Atheros 9850 (could be wrong, this is from memory)



I downloaded Hazards Snow Leopard Intel Only ISO, but I also needed the ###### iso.


After burning the ISO to a DVD, I had a few problems booting from it. The boot loader seemed to reboot the computer after showing the apple logo for a mere few seconds.


I noticed it said something like FADT: Restart Fix Applied.


To get around that, I used the boot flag 'busratio=22 -v'. (Press f8 at darwin to enter boot prompts)


It took a while to load, yet afterwards the install went fine.


However, I was unable to boot from the hard drive, it would freeze completely with a black screen (hardlocked, man).


I got around that by using ######. I boot from the ###### CD, and choose SL from the boot menu with the boot flags 'pmVersion=0 -f -v'


I seem to need the -f in there everytime.


However, it works. I am posting from it now. The only issues I have are the lack of trackpad, no sound (or at least very low and distorted) and I have no kext loaded for my video (I have an integrated intel card, Intel HD 3000.


So, there is a very cut and dry version of how I got SL installed.


If anyone has a similar experience with this model or any suggestions, let me know.


is i + boot a censored word on these forums?

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Try using  instead of ######.

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