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  1. I, a got my hands on a new Dell Inspiron n5050. I'm gonna write up a mini how to on how I did it, since I had a few problems, I figure it might help some others. NOTE: I haven't tried a retail install, but will soon. They are always my first choice. my specs: Dell Inspiron n5050 Intel Core i3 Atheros 9850 (could be wrong, this is from memory) I downloaded Hazards Snow Leopard Intel Only ISO, but I also needed the ###### iso. After burning the ISO to a DVD, I had a few problems booting from it. The boot loader seemed to reboot the computer after showing the apple logo for a mere few seconds. I noticed it said something like FADT: Restart Fix Applied. To get around that, I used the boot flag 'busratio=22 -v'. (Press f8 at darwin to enter boot prompts) It took a while to load, yet afterwards the install went fine. However, I was unable to boot from the hard drive, it would freeze completely with a black screen (hardlocked, man). I got around that by using ######. I boot from the ###### CD, and choose SL from the boot menu with the boot flags 'pmVersion=0 -f -v' I seem to need the -f in there everytime. However, it works. I am posting from it now. The only issues I have are the lack of trackpad, no sound (or at least very low and distorted) and I have no kext loaded for my video (I have an integrated intel card, Intel HD 3000. So, there is a very cut and dry version of how I got SL installed. If anyone has a similar experience with this model or any suggestions, let me know. is i + boot a censored word on these forums?
  2. I need to dual boot my lappy (currently has SL 10.6) with Ubuntu. I have tried following the instructions for creating a live USB on the ubuntu forums (using diskutil and hdiutil)but it keeps creating an apple partition, as well as giving me an "OS not found message" when booting the usb. Worked flawlessly when made from ubuntu. Unfortunately, my lappy no longer has a dvd drive, and my external has not worked since I got it. I tried from my iBook G4, my MBP is in Texas... Does anyone have any ideas on how to create a live usb on mac for booting a PC? None of the utils I found have worked. Thank you.
  3. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    This install is pretty much a rescue, the system is worthless otherwise. After the SL install, it's internal dvd drive crapped out, leaving the only booting options via USB. This was once a laptop, and I swear it has taken quite the beating. No more screen, and it is almost pure skeleton, a mobo sitting on the bottom of what used to be its case. It likely will not survive very long any way, so I figured in the time it has left I would mess around with this. It was on this lappy that I discovered OSx86, and that was three years after I bought my first Mac lol. I have been reading up in the forums about the origins of the nForceLan kext, how it came from the Linux forcedeth kext. I have become interested in porting other Linux drivers/what-nots to Linux, so I may just leave the system as it is for now. At least I can enjoy a mostly successful install (I am posting from SL now, so I guess successful counts). I also have an old iBook G4, and we all no PPC is gone in the Apple world, and Adobe dropped support for flash. I am going to see what I can do to get some of the open source flash hacks working on powerpc. Not sure why... I guess I do that alot. Thank you Dellmant, you have been most helpful and have tought me alot, and given me a great many links to continue reading from.
  4. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    Thank you gringo, loved your posts in the thread mentioned above! The reason I have been putting in so much time into this system (and yes I do know that I am loaded with some of the most unsupported software in one system lol) is because I have spent over a year trying to get OS X installed on this lappy. I have gotten a few things working before that no one else seems to have gotten working, so now, in addition to my own personal benefit, I just want to see what I might be able to do to add to the supported hardware list. I have a MBP and an old iBook G4 (with SL and Leo respectively) so it is not just an issue of wanting to use OS X. It is just learning and fun for me. Though I do wonder, is it possible to use kexts from LEO or modify them in a way to make them usable? As it stands, my nvidia card works, though it does not work *satisfactorily*. I tested a small demo of a game I have been writing on it (not very graphic intensive, works great with highest graphical settings on my iBook with it's 32mb video card). I like my OSx86 system though. I have it to the point where it is pretty much stable for general use, internet, word processing etc. Boots in under 30 seconds too.
  5. I am currently using Geforce.kext for my Nvidia Geforce 7150m (device id 0x053110de (0531, 10de). I chose NVinject during my install of SnowLeo 10.6, so I am not sure why Geforce.kext is loaded, unless NVinject just injects dev ids into Geforce.kext. I am thinking Geforce.kext is an Apple driver? Anyway, it works. Not very well, but the system is usable, no crashes (as long as I leave ATM alone, but I am not worried about that at the moment, first GFX, then I will mess with the AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext. Anyway, does anyone know of a good kext to use to maybe boost my Geforce 7150m card (device id is 0531)? I have found several kexts but would rather get opinions on what others use or what others have experienced with the various kexts instead of trying them all one by one. Thank you so much. My specs: MCP67 chipset, AMD Turion x64 (dual core) processor Nvidia Geforce Go 7150m )dev id 0531)
  6. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    Yes, actually it is... is that a bad thing, lol... Thank you for the information above as well. My 'Project' bookmarks folder in Firefox is getting filled up quite well thanks to you. I had just read about EFI vs BIOS this morning. I had no idea. Do all intel machines use EFI instead of BIOS? It is actually very cool. I read about kernels too. I read that Voodoo kernel is pretty much the de-facto kernel to use for AMD users. I am using the Chocolate kernel on my SL install. I read it is quite buggy, so I was wondering if there are any other kernels you could suggest I try. I can choose a kernel at the darwin prompt if I am correct, so it should generally be reversible if it does not work. Thank you so much for you assistance and the links you share with me. UPDATE: Read the thread about Quartz GL. I get the concept. Got it from the first post Gringo posted LOL. It gave me another question. I will be searching google in the meantime for the answer. Was wondering how do I know if Quartz Extreme is anything I should focus on. My video card is recognized in System Profiler, though it's performance is less than favorable. I'll look into it more. I think I am working on too much at one time. I just feel like I have entered a potential treasure chest of new information! UPDATE 2: May have found a kext for my ethernet (0x054c10de) EDIT: Posted the wrong link. Will update once again with correct link, it is in my bookmarks on my MBP which my wife currently has. THE KEXT CURRENTLY SEEMS TO BE WORKING GREAT. HAD ISSUES WITH NVENET.KEXT BUT AFTER READING I LEARNED WHAT TO DO... RENAME NVENET.KEXT IN /SYSTEM/LIBRARY/EXTENSIONS/IONETWORKINGFAMILY.KEXT/CONTENTS/PLUGINS [uSE TERMINAL, RUN SUDO SU TO RENAME THE EXTENSION AS FOLLOWS mv nvenet.kext nvenet.kext.noload ^ must be run as root. The 0x054c10de device id is listed as a supported device, so I will be trying that out today. I will update with my results whether it works or not. UDPATE 3: Tried the AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext but when I rebooted I was greeted with some little {censored} saying "Still Waiting For Root Device". I hate that error, so decided to just reload AppleSMBIOS.kext for the time being instead of messing with boot flags. Ethernet is working, and as far as I know ATM is more for show anyway, so my next goal is to tweak my Nvidia Gefore Go (7150M) to work better. Framerate in 3d games is wretched, and I haven't even tried fullscreen modes yet.
  7. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    Thank you for the hints. I was only playing around out of boredom anyway with the bubump thing. But I will refrain from doing so further. Thank you for the hint on using OSx86 Tools on SL. I have already used it for ATM, as well as to try to enable Quartz. Not sure if the Quartz enable worked though . Have I done some damage to SL by using OSx86 Tools for ATM? And I like your sig... Is it safe to use AppleSMBiosEFI on my AMD64? Think I need to update my sig, my specs are : AMD Turion x64 (dual-core) Mobile [registers as Athalon on linux] 2.5GHz MCP67 everything, HDA, Ethernet, USB I always thought EFI was Intel only, unless I misunderstood what I was reading.
  8. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    Sorry for not clarifying lol. Yeah I am talking about ethernet. Chipset is MCP67, the version of OS X I honestly have not been 100% able to narrow down. System Profiler just says 10.6, the build number (which I am assuming would be helpful, I will get that soon) and the darwin kernel (10.0). Yes, I check Console, that is what hinted me to the kextutil command in the first place. It seems that ethernet works ok, but it drops randomly. I have read of others having the same issue, but what seems to have worked for them makes little sense to me and didn't work either lol. I tried creating a new location in Network under System Prefs, same issue with intermittent droppage. I only need to disable the location momentarily for it to work again, but it can get annoying. Just read of someone deleting a System Configuration file. I have no idea what or where that is, or if it is a good idea to delete it, but according to the individual who made the comment, deleting the file and rebooting rebuilt the config file and fixed his ethernet. Sounds odd to me, so I figured I would ask someone who knows more about it than I do. Oh, I have been doing a lot of reading on OSx86 and have decided I want to learn more about the kernels, what they do etc. If you could point me to any good reads on darwin and the Mach kernel (besides Wikipedia, I have read all of those already I think, lol) I would love it. It has me super curious! Again, thanks ahead and sorry if my english is a bit odd LOL. I learned by learning to tell the store clerk that I want the green pants, the red socks, and that I can't find my suitcase LMAO!
  9. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    Yes, it is AR242x... lol. I have been aware of the slim chances to get it working, but I figure I will just keep plugging away at it hoping I will stumble across some random hackaround to getting it working LOL. Thanks for the two links... I will check them out. If you wouldn't mind, I have been trying to troubleshoot my Ethernet, it works mostly, but drops out and I have to disable the interface for a while, then re-enable it to get back online. I have found many workarounds, but not have seemed to work for me. Not sure if this is related or not: sudo kextutil /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext Warnings: The booter does not recognize symbolic links; confirm these files/directories aren't needed for startup: /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/CodeDirectory "It also lists the following files in the same path: /CodeRequirements /CodeResources /CodeSignature " I have been editing a lot of kexts and installing them from the net. I have been lead to believe that this could be cause by using a kext from a different version of SL.
  10. Updating SMBios SnowLEO

    OK. Thanks. I know if I look in system profiler it says there are no PC cards installed. Would I be correct in thinking I would have to take care of that issue before I could get wifi working.
  11. Hey guys. I chose the iMac11,1 SMBios during install. So I have a few questions regarding this. I have been trying to get wireless working, and have been following what others posted with similar cards. My first question is, does using the iMac SMBios mean I cannot use wireless (the iMac is not a laptop, so I would assume it does not have an airport card, right)? Second, how would I go about updating my SMBios? I have been having trouble locating one. I'm not asking for a DL link, just some information. I read recently in a few posts that an updated SMBios might fix my ATM crash. Also, I installed via the SnowLEO distribution. I was wondering, since it works this well this way, would it be more likely to work the same if I installed Retail with a boot disk? I found a tutorial specifically for installing Retail on AMD, and I would love to be able to update directly from Apple. Thanks again for all your help, and my apologies if this thread was miscategorized.
  12. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    What is the OSinstall.mpkg method? lol
  13. Tweaking SnowLEO

    Thanks ifrit05. I have a few more questions. My Nvidia card shows up in system profiler, and the Chess.app works (slowly, but it does work). I have seen some references to Quartz and Quartz Extreme online. I know games (such as Plants vs Zombies) do not work at all. The screen goes pure white or pure black. Is this Quartz something I should look into? Also, I have seen alot about EFI and DMDT (I could be getting the acronym wrong lol) patching. I think the EFI stuff requires an apple partion (the first partition scheme in the list in Disk Utility), which I also think requires an Intel processor. I am on AMD so I don't want to make an uneducated guess and end up having to reinstall. I have reinstalled so many times, rebooting my computer even seems to much work for me lol. So I have deduced to merely researching and collecting links and information. My main os (besides the snow leo install we're discussing) is 10.5.8, in case that could ever be of consequence. Thank you for any tips on what to research you may have! - Karim
  14. Tweaking SnowLEO

    I have successfully installed SnowLEO on my HP laptop (DV6929wm). This was the first install I actually got working, and it wasn't too hard. Had to sudo mv IOFirewire* /path/to/kext/backup/ All seems well, no wifi or DVD drive tho, but oh well for now. Now I want to learn about kexts and other necessary information. My about this Mac restarts the finder everytime I use it, so any links would be great (I will be searching more once I get off of work). Also, I need to learn about adding my device ID to a kext for my atheros WIFI (will have to look when I get home to see which card I actually have, unless it is in my sig, can't remember). Also, any apps out there which are must have for OSx86 10.6? I know OSx86 tools is'nt around anymore, and the kext finder utility would have been kind of helpful for me? Thanks a bunch, I will be updating the OSx86 wiki with my hardware and install method soon as well. Take care, Karim.
  15. If I boot into verbose mode I get that as well, although it boots into OS X(10.6) fine. I tried updating and got that as well. For me I had to remove/reinstall some kexts. Not sure if that is helpful or not, but I am not a guru in the least bit.