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FC install, unavailable


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I 've been looking up and down this board but haven't found something relevant, maybe because it 's so obvious.


Here 's the deal,

I've got a .dmg of final cut 5.1,

the installation runs but when offered the screen where you can decide which packets_apps you want to install, final cut remains grey.

Live type and compressor you can select and install. There's no motion etc in the .dmg so i didn't bother with those.


Does the installer recogn my system isn't good enough and there for not let me install?



athlon64 3+

asus a8v deluxe

512mb ram

sb live (doesn't work)

geforce 4 ti4200 ( i don't think i've got anything special going on, it 's just 1024*768)


any thoughts?

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Come on people,


what's up with replying to posts made by new users on inet fora.


Be aware that people can't make 20 posts a day on all the forums they read.


I don't think my prob is such a hassle to reply to, heck it 'll help you get your number of posts up!


This is a unique opportunity! grab your chance! postcount goes up by 1!

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ok man .. heres what i did to get my stuff to work....


A. i took my pcie nvidia 6600 out and used my onboard GMA900

B. installed the GMA900 patches from the Jas install DVD

C. went through and installed FCE 3.5 without a hitch ....


there is a list of QE and CI comp hw on the wiki pages .... good luck

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ah ic,

quartzzzz extreme must work before it 'll think about installing.

hmm this leaves me with quite a problem

since none of the nvidia cards will work out of the box with QE( waiting on macvidia...)


and ati cards aren't comp. with avid soft which i use and have to have. :)

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Thanx now at least i know what to buy...

But it does {censored} me off. Thinking that the odds of hackers writing working drivers are higher then a bunch of programmers at 2 of the biggest companies in this part of the universe (ati and avid)

So go go macvidia indeed!

Big up for them;) :D:P :pirate2:

thnx for the replies :ninja:

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