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  1. Hey there, I finally got my card working: ATI x1650 pro 512MB AGP 0x71c7 Thanx to kozlowski! I understand it looks all very difficult and with all the threads on this forum very hard to find a good method. This though is certainly one of them! So I kinda followed all the methods I could find. Hexediting, editing kexts etc... In the end I realised I was editing to many entries. What I did: °Install 10.4.8 (8.1.1) °Then install the modbin installer. : I got resolution change but no qe/ci °Then while waiting for a reply of kozlowski: I installed AGPgart 2.2: It worked, so in system profiler it said AGP instead of PCI ( this should give a serious speedboost) °Then last but not least I downloaded blackb 's edited atix1600 kext for 0x71c7's. Dropped it in extensions folder. Cmod & chown in terminal, repair permissions and rebooted °first restart: it just reboted while loading osX °Then it did restart properly and I got no QE or CI but it did say rotation was working. Everything did go a lot faster. °Another reboot and QE/CI just worked Thanx a lot !!!
  2. x1650 agp and pcie

    OK, I 've been reading this thread and another ( 0x71C1 & other ati x1650 pro fix) back and forth for a couple of days now. I've tried every method that's been discribed. My card you ask? Ati x1650 pro 512MB ddr2 AGP 0x71c7 (and please people if you talk about a card, at least give the same info about it!!!) I 'm running 10.4.8 with a 8.8.1 kernel apparently. That modbin installer runs fine, I can change resolutions (but no QE/CI) I get kernel panics when I reboot with a modified kexts. It starts complaining about the radeonX1000.kext ( I 've tried manually editing them and the prefab ones from the other thread) It also mentions OIPCIFamily, IOgraphicsFamily, IONDRVsupport And if you look in the X1000kext at the bottom those are mentioned aswell. So maybe that 's a clue, I don't know Now someone said: "maybe u shoul edit 71c0.the 1st time i try to edit 71c0 to match my id,i get kernel panic too.so i said the closest number with yours." But I don't understand a thing he 's on about... I 've also tried with adding an edited atinject.kext together with the rest, but I get the a kernel panic aswell So, If anyone could give me a hint. Because I recogn it should work with QE/CI but that I 'm just screwing up somewhere. BTW with the hexediting, I 'm not totally sure which ones to edit. Some deviceID 's I find are separeted, either by a vertical line or it runs across two lines.. If you know what I mean...
  3. GPUs effect on Video editing

    The upcoming final cut will just like motion, render via the gpu. Avid does this allready, if they'd only make an universal avid.
  4. The macbook 's dedicated wont cut it. I 'm an editing student. So final cut, motion and shake will mostly be used. Motion uses the gpu to render some effects, so that's why I want that radeon. To bad you can't upgrade that to the 256MB version in the faster 15inch. But that one 's to expensive. They certainly won't update them in the first 2 months then?
  5. I 'm seriously thinking about buying a macbookpro. I 'd rather have a desktop, but I don't like the iMac 's because of their laptop-layout but without portability. (mac mini is not powerfull enough) And the Mac pro is to expensive for me. A hackintosh is another possibility but I now -finally- just want something that works. And I 'm totally fed up with windows so osX86 should then work flawlessly. So a mac book pro: are there new ones coming in april just like the macbook? I 'd buy the slowest one. Can I then add another 1gb ram to the 1gb that 's already inside? (buy that at crucial.com) Or will I have to replace the one already inside? Any advice is welcome!
  6. NVidiaEFI and Nvidia card with 512Mo VRAM

    Oh thanx np_ But I don't understand the part 'bout 512MB, are you saying it has a workaround or that it is still missing a workaround for the problem? And does this kext replace the functions of all the other nvidia kexts? (geforce.kext, NVDANV40Hal.kext,NVDAResman.kext) I know it replaces natit/titan.
  7. NVidiaEFI and Nvidia card with 512Mo VRAM

    Hey, np_ about your brand knew nvidiaEFI.kext, is this only for laptops? Or should I give it a try as well? (Geforce7600GS 512mb agp) thanx in advance
  8. I 've got the same prob. nvidia geforce 7600gs 512mb agp. -with the nv40 patch on the dvd (10.4.8 amd final) It just reboots when loading the os -with the geforce and nv... kexts edited the same thing happens (without the patch of the dvd ofcourse) -with edited kexts and natit kext I get the black screen but it has not crashed i think... This maybe a silly thing to ask, but who's got palette snooping in his mobo bios enabled? because i've read that might give blackscreens aswell. It will probably have nothing to do with this, but who knows...
  9. kernel panic

    Mjeah, I 'll give that a go. It's quite screwed, since booting from the dvd, reboots the system :-S Now booting from .6 dvd to format the partition. Man man man, it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight Ok, now the sudden reboot happens for fun apparently. The customize gives just the option for nv40 or X1000. I left both blank now. I'm almost sure that it 'll say I have to try to reinstall... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, while installing I get 'Try Installing Again' it happens @ Installing Essentials at about 20% So I 'll try again. Shenanagans.
  10. kernel panic

    You changed your card after you got qe/ci working on the 6600? And now you got the 7series working? without changing anything? HMmm, It's {censored} that final cut doesn't work for you even with qe/ci???? My goal is to use final cut to!!!
  11. kernel panic

    Oh thanx for the fast reply I know about the 512Mb problem. But even the first boot, crashes. I don't think it has anything to do with my card at this point... (I haven't put natit or titan in my kexts, are they installed automaticly???) I've read this post, and got my hopes up again: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry243176 that's why I 'm trying to install 10.4.8!
  12. kernel panic

    Hello I'm getting quite desperate with os x. Firstly I 've been reading this forum since the beginning, but lately I just don't know where to look first. There's so many updates and patches from different people I just can't find what i need. I 'm just trying to get QE/CI to work on my agp geforce7600GS 512MB I 've know tried to install a 10.4.8 to have the 8.8.1 kernel Since that's necessary so I 've read to use natit and chance devid {censored} = Previously I 've installed the amd test1 dvd with no luck. = Then I 've patched the dvd with an update: PPF2. = Now with that version I get "' try installing again"" = So I did, and it gave me "install again" again. = When just letting the os load now, I get a panic. It says: " couldn t alloc class "appleACPIPlatformExpert" Panic cpu 0 caller 0x003A8D3F unable to find driver for this platform 'ACPI' kernel version 881 semthex/nebukadnezar/build/obj/release I386 As far as i understand this, it 's not quite working with amd at all. Is there a guide or someone with the same probs who knows how to solve this?? Thanx. System: AMD Athlon64 3000+ venice core socket 939 Asus A8V deluxe mobo 512MB ram Geforce 7600GS 512MB AGP
  13. FC install, unavailable

    Jeap, Thanx now at least i know what to buy... But it does {censored} me off. Thinking that the odds of hackers writing working drivers are higher then a bunch of programmers at 2 of the biggest companies in this part of the universe (ati and avid) So go go macvidia indeed! Big up for them;) :pirate2: thnx for the replies
  14. FC install, unavailable

    ah ic, quartzzzz extreme must work before it 'll think about installing. hmm this leaves me with quite a problem since none of the nvidia cards will work out of the box with QE( waiting on macvidia...) and ati cards aren't comp. with avid soft which i use and have to have.
  15. FC install, unavailable

    Come on people, what's up with replying to posts made by new users on inet fora. Be aware that people can't make 20 posts a day on all the forums they read. I don't think my prob is such a hassle to reply to, heck it 'll help you get your number of posts up! This is a unique opportunity! grab your chance! postcount goes up by 1!