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  1. osx on intel doesnt see pci cards
  2. aberracus

    AJA IO LA working

    iHack working perfect now with AJA IO LA just to let ppl know it works
  3. aberracus

    iDVD and iMovie 08 crash on hackintosh

    ilife 08 and iworks 08 working perfectly on my jas 10.4.8 upgraded with jas 10.4.9 and my uphunhunk 10.4.9 (iworks modded to work on lesser versions than 10.4.10) have fun
  4. en 0 trick in the console sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist You want to edit these lines: <key>BSD Name</key> ---> <string>enX</string> (Change the enX to en0) <key>IOBuiltin</key> <false/> <key>IOInterfaceType</key> <integer>6</integer> <key>IOInterfaceUnit</key> ---> <integer>1</integer> (Change the 1 to 0) X is the en number of you pci ethernet card it trully works
  6. aberracus

    To Sound or not to sound with AD1986A

    Azalia thats it no input
  7. mm do you still read this post? how do you have sound support for alc850? by azalia or by some other method? thanks!
  8. Its awesome, but its in canada!!!! i willove to buy it in USA, how much he shipping? to Florida?
  9. Welcome Paul, Jim, and Brendon! I REALLY REALLY REALLY would like to have a new administration here, with more open mindness, you guys look from Fubra to be real nice ppl. i think guys your first goal will be to get in contact with the developers and somehow bring them back, welcome then
  10. aberracus

    Building your own Apple TV with ATV OS?

    its gona be pricier, but if you just wanna have 3.5 hds and i dont know why a bigger box, you can start by buying the apple tv it wil give you the best motherboard to work with and you can attach there a bigger 3.5 hd using an adapter.. going the other way will cost something near 300 dollars..
  11. aberracus

    Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    its gona be extremely honerus, is much better in an economic point of view to just buy Apple TV this is the true goal http://macgeek.freeflux.net/blog/archive/2...-a-macbook.html Replacing Frontrow from OSX with the new Front Row from apple TV Also making apple TV more powerful
  12. aberracus

    genarts sapphire

    Shake 4.1 ? ]theres a cracked perfectl;y working version in demonoid
  13. aberracus

    Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Visual hub 1.22 is apple tv ready just click below ipod/tv screen its invisible but clickiable
  14. aberracus

    Best motherboard for Core2?

    The best and only Asus P5wDH Deluxe, Full suported 2 lan gigabit cards, 1 Wifi onboard, HD sound, Sata and Pata, Raid!!!, Higly overclockeable. What more can you ask for?: (you can find it open box sometimes in new egg for something like 170 dollars) normal price is around 200 its a little costy
  15. aberracus

    Leopard, where are you?

    I could bet Apple is changing for theme based gui, there have been clear indications about that.