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VLC vs. Quicktime with Perian

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I've got this screenshot comparing snapshots of a video played by VLC and QuickTime with the Perian extension. As you can see, the VLC image is pale, something about the colors. I should mention that's how VLC plays the video on Windows 7 as well. However, I prefer the QT image, but QT has some audio/video sync issues. I think it doesn't skip frames. Anyway, can I get the same quality image on VLC somehow? (the left one is VLC, right is QT)



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Looks like the contrast level is a tiny bit higher on Quicktime.


VLC has a ton of filtering and image enhancing settings but they are hidden away deep inside the preferences menu. Click the 'show all' button and look for them in there.

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Here's what I've tried: Preferences>Video>Filters>Image adjust> here I changed the contrast, and I even set brightness to almost zero, which should make the picture almost impossible to be seen. I hit the Save button, restart VLC and then start the video again, and I see no difference at all. What am I doing wrong?

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I've tried messing with the settings for a few minutes, couldn't get the same quality of image, but I see some improvement. I wish QT could play 1080p mkv files smoothly.

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I love VLC for its ability to play a lot of formats, but I feel like V2 has some bugs in it that maybe were not there in V1?


I haven't tested this, but some of the files of late that I've tried to play are causing V2 to stall (maybe they would cause V1 too, but I don't remember that happening).


One thing that is awesome about VLC though is it lets you choose your audio device right from the menu bar. I find that very useful.


I don't notice a picture quality difference on my set up, 1080p

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