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  1. Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H - sleep not working

    /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext Did you patch that kext?
  2. UEFI + SLEEP, GA-Z68-UD3H-B3

    Hello, Been using the Uh1 UEFI BIOS on the Gigabyte GA-z68-ud3h-b3 with very stable up time. However, I've never been able to get either "shut down" or "sleep" to function. I am using an extracted / vanilla DSDT only modified to get the HDMI audio working on my gtx670 - that is working fine. I believe there must be something wrong in the DSDT because when I try to shut down or sleep the monitor shuts off and the computer appears to log off, but then it hangs and never actually completes the shut down/sleep function. Reset works fine, so at the moment I have to shut down the computer by choosing reset and then holding down the power button when I see the BIOS splash screen. Functional, but not convenient. Can anyone help me to get either sleep or shut down working correctly? 256GB Sam 830 SSD gtx 670 ga-z68-ud3h-b3 8GB RAM i7 2600k Thanks a lot, Coelo
  3. a tonymac expat

    no it wasn't anything like that, I realized that I kinda basically posted the same thoughts in another thread here and didn't want to double post it. I stand by everything I said, twice (lol).
  4. Enable GPU in VLC 2

    was it there in V1?
  5. VLC vs. Quicktime with Perian

    I love VLC for its ability to play a lot of formats, but I feel like V2 has some bugs in it that maybe were not there in V1? I haven't tested this, but some of the files of late that I've tried to play are causing V2 to stall (maybe they would cause V1 too, but I don't remember that happening). One thing that is awesome about VLC though is it lets you choose your audio device right from the menu bar. I find that very useful. I don't notice a picture quality difference on my set up, 1080p
  6. iLife '11 Apps crashing on AMD

    I can't believe anyone is trying still on AMD. I think the lack of responses comes from the fact that everyone pretty much gave up and realized that intel was way easier. I feel your pain, but next time buy intel.
  7. Best Mac OS

    I think Mountain Lion is great. After that I would say Tiger 10.4.8, maybe that is just because that is where I jumped into OS X, but I have a great fondness for Tiger.
  8. iOGear 2.1 bluetooth dongle works well in Mountain Lion, and worked well in 10.7 too. I use it with the apple wireless keyboard and trackpad, no issues, recognized right away.
  9. Apple Wireless Keyboard, bios e UEFI BIOS

    I'm also looking for a solution. The USB bluetooth dongle I have, iOGear 2.1, does recognize the trackpad in the UEFI BIOS, but not the keyboard. 1 time out of 20 it actually recognized both the trackpad and the keyboard, but only that 1 time. I have the same board as you.
  10. TonyMacx86 and Mac Man Steal Again

    They sell customized DSDT's. Now they are selling reviews. You can call it donate, but they won't make you a dsdt unless you pay them. That is a line that I think shouldn't be crossed. If you are hacking for fun to see if you can do it, that is different than paying someone to make you a mac clone so you don't have to pay Apple. There is a difference. Sometimes, the reason that you do something matters and I think that this is a case in point. Also, the site is censoring users who are critical of any of their sponsors. There was a synology thread that had a lot of criticism and all the negative posts were taken down with no explanation, thread locked. The site is pushing brands but wants people to think that they are just giving help as to "what works best". That is simply not true. See the synology post or their latest ad for BitFenix. I don't think there is anything wrong with a donate button, but it is pretty obvious that they have started to court third party advertisers and are calling them "reviews". Then below the review for whatever it is they put links to buy, really turns me off. But if that is your thing, if you want people pushing gear to you... whatever. From Tonymac... OK everyone- we're trying something new out on ya. If you haven't heard, BitFenix's Prodigy mini-ITX case has been released, and is now available. The company has offered up two cases for us to give away here on the site! Comment here, and you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win one of two cases in your choice of color. Entering is free - one entry per user - and open to all tonymacx86.com registered users globally (sadly moderators are not allowed to enter). The contest runs for 14 days from today, September 5th to September 19th, and two winners will be notified via email on Friday, September 21st.
  11. TonyMacx86 and Mac Man Steal Again

    I don't think it is a feud. They both have their uses, but this site is clearly not trying to make a buck whereas the other site actively encourages you to participate in their profit by clicking links to newegg and amazon or directly through paypal. It is different philosophy about hackintosh. I don't think either site is going anywhere soon, but if I had to put money on ultimate longevity I would not put it on the guys that choose to use an apple as their icon for hackintosh.
  12. Who leads the world? hmm... for awhile it was rock n roll. I think hip hop artists are leading the youth now, a lot are still drawn by pop like Gaga Black culture is clearly taking a leading role in America, but America doesn't quite lead the world like it did years ago. Your question is vague. Who leads the world in what? culture, economics, intelligence, philosophy, philanthropy, etc? The answers are readily available in an excel sheet. I guess we can safely assume that the majority of the world leading will be done by China, if the news is to be believed. I cannot imagine the Chinese leading culturally, but for the rest of the stuff it isn't a stretch. I think the Japanese are a leader if not the leader in philanthropy. If it is only technology that you are interested in then that is still a large category... Intel leads the world in processing, CERN seems to be leading the world in physics, but NASA is still kicking all other Space Agency Ass, Nvidia leads the world for my grfx card! And, Apple leads the world in terms of function and style of technology, but not volume. America still leads a large part of the world with its tech, but the question is a difficult one to answer since manufacturing and IP no longer reside in the same country. I guess you could say the world is no longer lead by individuals or even countries, with the exception of Michael Phelps.
  13. Hi all, I did do a forum search and came up with zero results for "GA-Z68-UD3H, Mountain Lion, Sleep" I have a GA-Z68-UD3H-B3 board on U1h BIOS. EVGA GTX 670 SAM 830 256 SSD 8GB HyperX 1600Mhz RAM I cannot get sleep/wake to work. Also, neither does shutting down the computer from the menu bar > shut down. In either of those instances, the monitor goes off and the computer stays on but goes unresponsive. Reseting the computer via the menu bar works, but not sleep or shut down. Anyone know what could be causing this? I have a minimally modified DSDT just for HDMI audio (working correctly) FakeSMC is installed NullCPUPower - not installed Only other things installed are a Realtek audio driver (Lnx2Mac via #####) A pretty vanilla system basically. One other thing, sleep and shut down worked fine on F12 BIOS, but since moving to the new UEFI BIOS they are not working. I did a complete reinstall after updating the BIOS. Thanks for any help!
  14. The Dumbing Down of osx86

    Well, I think some of the points are valid. There are a lot of people who don't have a brain. However, sometimes you have people who just don't have time to read and hours worth of material or more. I'm one. It isn't that I don't want to read it (actually I'd love to) but I can't, don't have the time. I need a simple solution that doesn't take a lot of time. Sure, I could just buy a mac, but at the same time... there is nothing wrong with making the OSx86 tools concise and foolproof. There are some people that are doing that very well, and then there are some people who want you to understand every little detail of what went on in creating the tool to the point where you could practically write it yourself.