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  1. Hi, I've followed this guide to make a USB installer for 10.10 (I used the GM version). When I boot into the USB installer, everything loads fine, and then it gets to the nvidia drivers, and is just about to show me all that 10.10 installer goodness, but all I get is a black screen - the monitor goes into sleep mode. I tried GraphicsEnabler=No and also =Yes, to no avail. Also tried -x (safe mode), which didn't help either. I have a GTX 570. On Mavericks, I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and I never had to install and graphics kexts, and all that QE CI stuff works just fine. I have a GT 520 which I can try, but eventually I will have to switch back to the 570, for gaming purposes, so if there's any boot flag or kext I should try, please let me know. Thanks. Edit: It boots fine with my GT 520. Installation went smoothly, but now I can't boot into the OS because I get a mach_kernel error (I think it says it wasn't found). Edit 2: mach_kernel error solved by reinstalling Yosemite, and this time choosing NOT to migrate settings from Mavericks to Yosemite.
  2. How to get GTX 570 to run?

    Hi, I have a 10.9.3 that works fine with my old GT 520 gpu. Today I bought a used GTX 570 for some Windows gaming, but OS X won't boot. I get a kernel panic. I tried installing the latest NVIDIA Web Driver and it didn't help. In fact, it made the installation not boot even with the GT 520. For the GT 520 I use "GraphicsEnabler=No". I tried that and also with 'Yes' instead, and couldn't get the 570 to boot. Not even with PCIRootUID=0. I am clueless. Please advise.
  3. Pandora's Box OS X installer

    I don't understand how to launch the software. I have installed the app but it appears nowhere, including the Applications folder. Where does it install to (I'm talking about the post-install utility) so I could open and use it? Thanks.
  4. Cheapest OOB Nvidia GPU for ML and Mavericks?

    I bought the GT 520 1GB and it works just as good as my GTX 660 2GB did, including HD movies. I don't game, and of course I wouldn't expect a similar performance in that area.
  5. Cheapest OOB Nvidia GPU for ML and Mavericks?

    Will a GT 220 work?
  6. Cheapest OOB Nvidia GPU for ML and Mavericks?

    Hey, what about a GTS 450 1GB? I found one for as cheap as a new GT 620, but it's more powerful. What do you think? Does it work OOB?
  7. Cheapest OOB Nvidia GPU for ML and Mavericks?

    Can't use built in gpu, it's an old, unsupported model of a first gen i5 processor.
  8. Cheapest OOB Nvidia GPU for ML and Mavericks?

    Both aren't as cheap as I hoped so I won't really save much money by replacing. Any older cards that could work? I could buy second hand buy I didn't find any good deals on a 620 on eBay, and I don't want leggy animations.
  9. Hi, I am currently running a 10.8.4 with a GTX 660 but I want to sell it and get a much cheaper GPU since I no longer game on my PC. I wonder what NVIDIA cards work out of the box and don't cost much, even if it's old ones. All I need is basic graphics with HD playback, which I assume all GPUs do these days. Thank you.
  10. I can't use the mouse and keyboard, how could I install anything? Anyway I erased the partition and retrying the whole thing differently.
  11. I was finally able to boot with the radeon gpu. I used: -v -x PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x3000 I then installed nvidia driver for gtx 660, restarted, OS X boots with the 660 with correct resolution but both mouse and keyboard don't work (both are USB). Tried USBBusFix=Yes to no avail.
  12. Yes. Also realized we have a pc in the living room, so i took its HD 5450 gpu which does not boot either.
  13. Shouldn't matter because it worked with the gtx 260 that I sold, but here it is: i5 661 H55M-D2H 8 gb ram (currently 4 gb installed) PNY GTX 660 2gb
  14. Hi, I made a 10.8.2 install USB stick It won't boot with a GTX 660 Non-Ti GPU, it gets stuck after loading the lnx2mac ethernet kext. I don't have a builtin GPU or another dedicated GPU, but I do have 10.6.8 working decently atm, if it helps. How can I boot the installer with my GTX 660 GPU? Thank you.