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Wifi gets disconnected randomly, every 2 to 15 minutes

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Hi there,


I'm running OS X Lion 10.7.3 on a hackintosh. Every thing runs perfectly. I really feel I own a real Mac :)... but I have a wifi problem.


I own a Netgear N300 PCI Wifi card, version WN311B using a Broadcom BCM43xx chip.

I have rebranded this card as an Apple Airport Extreme (0x14E4, 0x87).

It works and is recognized by OS X as an official card... but ... I am experiencing huge wifi instability.


Each time I get disconnected (sometimes every 2 minutes, sometimes 10 or more), Console says :

Mar 4 11:34:29 mac-pro-de-fo kernel[0]: AirPort: Link Down on en1. Reason 4 (Disassociated due to inactivity).

Mar 4 11:34:45 Mac-Pro-de-fo kernel[0]: Auth result for: 00:1f:9f:f3:11:ff Auth timed out

Mar 4 11:34:52 Mac-Pro-de-fo kernel[0]: Auth result for: 00:1f:9f:f3:11:ff MAC AUTH succeeded

Mar 4 11:34:52 Mac-Pro-de-fo kernel[0]: AirPort: Link Up on en1

Mar 4 11:34:53 Mac-Pro-de-fo kernel[0]: AirPort: RSN handshake complete on en1


Any idea of what can cause this and how to fix it ?

This is the last thing I have to fix to have a perfectly reliable Hackintosh. Help really appreciated.


Many thanks

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try changing the 87 to 8D or change slot.

what was original pci id ? subvendor too


I'm having the same problem with this card, no matter what IDs I choose the Wifi is terribly unstable and always disconnects after a few minutes. I've tried changing slots already.

The original IDs for this card are:


Subsystem Product ID = 0x7D00

Subsystem Vendor ID  = 0x1385

PCI Product ID       = 0x4329


No matter what, I can't get speeds higher than 130, in Windows it's 270 :(

Third party mode works so much more reliable compared to airport, just no 300...

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Hi crew,

             I had this problem with my wifi. My PCI WiFi card, (Netgear WN311B) which has an extension aerial, initially it was located near a phone socket and line that runs in side conduit up the wall, since then i have relocated the aerial,,,, and guess what,,,,,No more WiFi drop outs.. Must be radio noise interference

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