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  1. Hi crew, I had this problem with my wifi. My PCI WiFi card, (Netgear WN311B) which has an extension aerial, initially it was located near a phone socket and line that runs in side conduit up the wall, since then i have relocated the aerial,,,, and guess what,,,,,No more WiFi drop outs.. Must be radio noise interference
  2. I've been using Netgear WN311B -PCI with great results,,over the last few years.. Now wifi switches on\off, finds wifi connection, but wont except password, instantly refuses to load. Getting console errors ((as attached)). any ideas.....???? post-645126-0-46545700-1414985173_thumb.bmp
  3. Hi Crew, Ok so I've had Mt Lion 10.8.2 Hackintosh correctly working for few years now and decide to update to latest version of Mt series 10.8.5 ( I'm sticking with S.Jobs series with every thing Apple, I own - cause we all now know people running Apple now,,,,,, don't really have a clue with the correct Unix way) I injected the necessary kexts, that I needed to establish a stable working PCI WiFI card to operate on 10.8.2 system. But have found this not to be the case with 10.8.5. Can some one explain the correct method for identifying the conflicting kext.......?
  4. Broadcom BCM4321 - Lion

    Im sticking with the Steve Jobs & his development team as they knew what they where doing (no guessing hear) and wont be going above 10.8.+ & iso6 Yep your right, updates\upgrades above 10.8.2. Interrupt this wifi fix. From my testing, the issue is with BroadcomFix.kext. Not allowing to connect to a wifi connecting....? Can't hold your hand on this one...
  5. Hi, had same problem but all fix thanks to Disk Warrior v4.4. You'll need another system drive to install Disk Warrior to, then repair trouble drive. Then all is fix..!
  6. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Ok for stable and reliable install I found this method best 1st: DVD boot iAtkos S3v2 2:nd Customise iAktos install eg: BootLoader \\ PATCHES---> /extra Directory, fakesmc, Disabler,\\Modified Kernels---> Atom Kernel \\ DRIVERS \\ MAINHARDWARE \\ SATA/DIE--->achisata\\ PS/2---> Voodoo PS/2 \\ CPU POWER MANAGMENT---> Voodoo P-States\\ LAPTOP HARDWARE ---> Battery,Card reader, tsc sync \\ Network "Suitable kext" as replacment wifi PCI. 3rd:Install,,,,,,,,,, You'll need a USB kayboard and mouse to continue.... 4th: Boot -v there could be pauses of 7-20min per pauses tapping enter key 2-3time helps quicken the process too,,,,during install. 4th: Once loaded__ Download 10.6.7 combo update from apple web site here http://support.apple.com/kb/ install +30mins DON'T RESTART YET..! Download Netbook installer too,,hear http://code.google.com/p/netbook-installer/ Install 1-15min. Once netbook installed is complete Click restart on update. 5th: Boot -v -f -F Happy Now.....
  7. Hi, anyone find an answer to this topic....????
  8. Broadcom BCM4321 - Lion

    Hi, I finally got this card (Netgear WN311B\PCI) working on Lion 10.7.2 + 10.8.2, following these additional steps; 1st) if not all ready existing, add these folders to you file system \Extra\Extensions\ 2nd) Copy the following attachments into Extensions\ folder; 3rd) delete kext IO80211Family.kext from; System\Library\Extensions. Restart, You should now find the WIFI symbol in the top right hand side, top menu bar, go into system preferences network turn on WIFI. and your done UPDATE; you may need to use kextwizard to add; Broadcom43XXFamilyrev2.kext to; System\Library\Extensions. Broadcom43XXFamily.kext.zip BroadcomFix.kext.zip IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip
  9. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Nice work WinterMOD,,, Like you,,,, I too had success with installing 10.7.1. USB With the help of iAtkos L1. I used -v -x -f mach_atom -F bootflags to get it going. The atom kernal is available in the customization part. You need to ensure your using a good brand USB and that the BIOS recognizes it during boot sequence in order for USB install to work. I would like to point out,, ensure NOT to panic when you arrive to the mac start-up screen at the beginning of the OS start up. As the system will ask for keyboard...??? as at first It doesn’t recognize the keyboard and track pad (this may take up to 20min to be recognized). Unknowingly I plugged in a mouse and keyboard during this step,, when I was about to insatll the kext for the trackpad and keyboard they just start to work before I go around to installing the kexts. I too came across a thread that referred to this occurrence. (OSX keyboard not working)... Have fun
  10. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Okay Tip, Screen resolution only operats at specs 800x600. Change the dock setting for the Dock to hide and all is ok... After you have working copy of iPortable OSX to USB - OR- iAtkos S3_v2. InBios options change setting hear to AHCI / Ensure boot priority to first boot USB=HDD / Be sure to use the Right side USB port (main port) to prove more successful/ Load USB; at Chameron load screen enter cpus =1 cpus=1 -v -F; Hit enter and should install.. Sometime it may seem that the install has stoped running, don’t panic ,,,wait ,,, for Install to finish completly...Cool Once OSX SL installed go to the Tool app Folder on the iPortable Drive,,, Find hear tool nned to assist with your install,,, you may have to reboot from USB drive the first few times to correctly step-up the install to run more stable. (Time machine you stable install on to another drive) Done . Welcome to Mac world
  11. Broadcom BCM4321 - Lion

    Hi crew, I've had nothing but issues with getting PCI Netgear WN311B to work on Lion. But with Snow using iatkos S3, it installed and worked right after selecting broadcom option during install. But for the sake of me after trying all methods hear and other forums. Just cant get the bloody thing going. What am I missing...???? Help,,ideas
  12. Webcam Acer Orbicam 1.3 Mega pixel

    Hi, I have successfully installed Snow 10.8.6 on acer atom D255e. the only closest thing I have had working my notebook cam is a program called EvoCam 3.7.5. working the cam.
  13. Hi, have fully upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on acer Atom1 D255e . With only one fault with resolution, Have tried most methods ( that I know of)to get a suitable resolution for this system. Being ONLY able to achieve 1024x600 with the helpful tool "Net-book Installer 0.8.3 RC4 alias" but doing so slow down system boot time, no wifi & messy settings. Anyone got any ideas...? how to go about achieving resolution ajustment of up to 1024x600s instead of annoying 800x600...???? :pirate2:
  14. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Hi, Yes fully installed and working Snow Leopard 10.6.2 working on Acer D255e. a few tips - replace the wifi card from ebay $6 {apple wifi airport replacment card wireless n}. {optional upgrade RAM 2GB - from Crucial - 2GB DDR3 PC3-10600}. Download and install iportable_snow_x86 from pritebay. And there you go fully functional mac..!
  15. Hi, I have successfully installed iAtkos v7 (10.5.8) Leopard, on acer D255E with upgrade to wifi card from ebay think it was $6. I have tried many installs, to try and install Snow Leopard with no luck and no way of updating to SL from current. So I'm happy with Leopard for now, until someone produces a Lion install for the Acer D225E I'll Stick with this version.