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Need help with ALC889 on MSI G41


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I've been following a guide but am unable to get my audio to work.

The guide I've been following is here: http://tonymacx86.bl...or-onboard.html


In my extracted DSDT, there is no HDEF device. So I just guessed and copied a working ALC889 HDEF to my DSDT. It compiled, but when I restarted, I still didn't have working audio. I just noticed that there is no AppleHDA under System Information -> Extensions. So it's either that the kext isn't loading or the DSDT is incorrect (or both).


I just want to get 2 channel audio working, and I don't care how I do it. Attached is my DSDT.


I got audio working with voodooHDA, but there is a distinct and annoying hiss coming through (actually it sounds awful...). I would really like to have it work through the above method. Any thoughts?


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