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  1. I've been following a guide but am unable to get my audio to work. The guide I've been following is here: http://tonymacx86.bl...or-onboard.html In my extracted DSDT, there is no HDEF device. So I just guessed and copied a working ALC889 HDEF to my DSDT. It compiled, but when I restarted, I still didn't have working audio. I just noticed that there is no AppleHDA under System Information -> Extensions. So it's either that the kext isn't loading or the DSDT is incorrect (or both). I just want to get 2 channel audio working, and I don't care how I do it. Attached is my DSDT. I got audio working with voodooHDA, but there is a distinct and annoying hiss coming through (actually it sounds awful...). I would really like to have it work through the above method. Any thoughts? dsdt.zip
  2. *cough* bump *cough* Still doesn't work, ModCD 0.3.2 will recognize and use 4GB but chameleon 2.1 will not. My graphics do not work with ModCD. Anyone know if there's something special on ModCD that's not on my install? Could it possibly be the legacy kernel, and can I use any version of legacy kernel with OSX 10.6.7?
  3. Installed 10.6.7 and legacy kernel darwin 10.7.0, still does the reboot loop. I backed-up and deleted all kexts in /Extra/Extensions with no effect. I also tried disabling everything, but still no go. I managed to see what the verbose said before it reboot, the last line is "Darwin is x86" and if I do -force64 it says "Darwin is x86-64" (I thought 64-bit might help). Boots up in safe mode with 4GB RAM, however I don't think it's recognizing it correctly because just after I start it up there's already 2.16GB RAM wired when there's usually 100 something MB. EDIT: Works with ModCD normally and uses 4GB RAM, shows 386MB wired and 3.20GB free. I'd like it to show this when I use the bootloader on my HD. And unfortunately my graphics fix doesn't work on ModCD. I don't know if it's the CD or the version of chameleon. What would be the difference between ModCD and the chameleon on my HDD? Could just be the different version, I would try the chameleon version that's on the CD but NVEnabler doesn't work on it.
  4. Disabled everything I could in the BIOS one at a time like you instructed, however it still does the reboot loop. I am maybe thinking it's the legacy kernel, but doesn't seem likely. I'm going to try to update to 10.6.7 and see if my graphics card will still be supported. Maybe 10.6.7 will fix it.
  5. I just bought an identical RAM stick (2GB) to add to my existing 2GB to have 4GB dual channel RAM. Booted up and chameleon goes into a reboot loop. Played around with -force64, maxmem=4096, all without success. Well I finally got it going, but at the cost of not needing the RAM I bought. The ONLY way it will boot up (and it boots 100% normal) is if I set maxmem=2048. If I do maxmem=2049, it does the reboot loop. Note: I am on legacy kernel. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. jhohisel

    9800 GTX and QE/CI...

    Must have something to do with that mine is an XFX XXX edition, I'm thinking that even the brands could have something to do with it. I've read tons of reports of 9800 GTX's working 100% with GE=Yes. One more thing to add is that it plays HD youtube perfectly and I get translucent menu bar. I'll have to try that benchmark program out.
  7. jhohisel

    9800 GTX and QE/CI...

    Updated to 10.6.4 and installed the nVidia drivers you posted, rebooted with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and all I get is fixed 1024x768. Downloaded the latest NVEnabler because I read this: I also installed the latest Chimera like the download page on OSX86 says to. Rebooted with no options, and to my surprise, 1920x1080!! And no more weird horizontal lines! And no more Safe Boot! I have yet to check everything to see if it all works but this is a heck of a lot better than before, this I can live with. Also, since I updated to 10.6.4 my Apple bt kb and Magic Mouse work as they should. Just thought I'd let you know, If I hadn't seen this post I would have given up on putting Mac on my dell and just went back to windows, thanks! (Even though I could just use my MacBook...)
  8. jhohisel

    9800 GTX and QE/CI...

    Finally, after months, I have gotten somewhere! I currently have 1920x1080 res and in system profiler it shows GeForce 9800 GTX and 512MB VRAM. Unfortunately it's using NVInject with the extraction of my NVCAP and if I'm not in safe boot I get a black screen. Also I'm in 10.6.0 so my magic mouse and Apple bluetooth keyboard don't work 100%. Flash (YouTube so far) crashes safari and I don't get translucent menu bar. Oh and also there are weird short horizontal lines randomly on the screen. This is the only way to get it working it seems, and I've tried a fresh install with 10.6.8 with the nVidia drivers you posted but I still got nothing (actually, the VRAM went from 3MB to 5MB). I've never read of someone having this much of an issue with a 9800 GTX! I'm going to try the drivers you posted for 10.6.4 (after removing NVInject of course) and see if that fixes it, however I would ultimately like to be running 10.6.8 for mouse/kb support and App Store. Is there any way to get more support out of NVInject, or is there a newer version (I actually used NVInstaller v.52) that would add more support? EDIT: Apparently YouTube videos DO work. The website www.youtube.com crashed and said it was due to Flash player, but I googled a term (Miata drift) in google, clicked on a video and it started to play without too much lag.
  9. jhohisel

    Lion Atom Kernel 10.7.1 on Pentium 4

    I have a Pentium D 945 3.4GHz that I've been trying to get to work using Lion Atom kernel. I get the same error, here's the last two lines: BSD root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 2 Kernel is LP64 In Snow Leopard I need AppleNForceATA.kext for the drives to be recognized and in Lion it says "Can't load next com.nvidia.driver.AppleNForceATA - link failed", and also I noticed that a lot of drivers say failed to load. Are you having any issues with drivers loading? Does your machine require a kext for the drives to work that maybe hasn't been updated to work with Lion? EDIT: Just realized that disk0s2 is the boot disk, which is my Kingston 8GB flash drive, not an ATA or SATA drive. So I don't think the AppleNForceATA is the issue.
  10. Hey, I'm trying to get a Lenovo Z565-4311 going with mac. I am able to successfully install 10.6.0 on it using OSX86 ModCD, but the Mobility Radeon 5470 shows 256MB VRAM instead of 512MB and it says no Kext loaded. Also the Atheros AR9285 isn't recognized. In trying to get the Wi-Fi to work, I read that it was fixed in 10.6.5 and later and since the App Store requires 10.6.8 I figured I would update to that. When it's almost done updating to 10.6.8, it Kernel Panics. It has a AMD Phenom II processor. I've also read about modifying the atheros plist within the IO80211 kext, would that work and how would I do that? Screenshot attached
  11. jhohisel

    9800 GTX and QE/CI...

    Just installed those drivers without any errors, rebooted and it still shows VRAM as 3 MB under system profiler and no QE. I have PciRoot=1 set. There's org.chameleon.Boot.plist in both /Volumes/EFI and in /Macintosh HD/Extra, I update both since I don't know which one is used. Which one is needed/used or is this the wrong path? I think it's using one of them since it's booting with 1280x720 as I told it to. Of course I would rather have 1920x1080 but it doesn't work.
  12. jhohisel

    Desperately Need Help With GeForce 9800 GTX!

    I know it should according to other posts I've seen, but it just doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm enabling it wrong. With installing chameleon 2.1 I put the org.chameleon.Boot.plist in /EFI volume and have <key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>Yes</string>, I also have the same file in /Macintosh HD/Extra. I think it's using the one on the EFI disk but am not sure. Under system profiler -> Graphics/Displays it shows 3 MB VRAM, and doesn't say QE enabled or anything. Also youtube freezes and when I tried to take a screenshot of it, I got a blank white image.
  13. jhohisel

    9800 GTX and QE/CI...

    I have an XFX 9800 GTX and mine is also not working, it however is not even recognized. I followed these steps with no luck, I'm running 10.6.8. When I run the nVidia driver installer it says "No Driver Update Needed". I also updated chameleon to 2.1 and used GraphicsEnabler=YES, and that doesn't work. I don't have any NVInject, NVEnabler, etc installed and I also tried EFI strings using the NVCAP extracted from my graphics card. All of these have not worked. I tried installing lion but since I have a Pentium D, I need to use a legacy kernel and with the atom kernel it freezes at "Kernel is LP64". Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have an older post here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=271454.
  14. jhohisel

    Desperately Need Help With GeForce 9800 GTX!

    Thinking that lion might fix it, I tried to install it. Since I have a Pentium D 945, I must use a legacy kernel. I tried using atom kernel for lion, no reboot loop but it freezes at 'Kernel is LP64". My processor is 64-bit. Just found this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=274619 I'm going to try it now, I'll get back with the results.
  15. This is my last resort, if I cannot get my graphics working properly in Mac then I'm going back to Windows. I've so far tried tons of various EFI strings and kext files, I even tried DSDT but my NVCAP is not listed in IORegistryExplorer and the guides aren't straightforward. With everything I've tried my computer either freezes on startup or I get 5MB VRAM and unknown GPU. So unless someone can list me other things to try, I'm giving up. Thanks in advance! Graphics: XFX GeForce 9800 GTX XXX-Edition 512MB DDR3 Machine: OS X 10.6.8 SL Dell XPS 600 Pentium D 3.4GHz Dual Core 2GB (for now) PC2-5300 DDR RAM nVidia nForce 4 mobo SATA HDD