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Gigabyte Motherboard owners that have access to a real Mac


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First thanks for the help from everybody that i PM and those whose responded in my post.


Seems linking this was a no no to other users posts was just trying to help out removed the links.



I am gonna try to do this real simple and quick. I tried almost all the methods for the USB stick installer some went well others not so well.


This is a unaltered restore no add ons to the USB Stick just simple and plain restore.



1.Get to any real mac or pc mac to do the USB Stick Restore.


2.Do not use any MBR formats keep it strictly GUID.


3.Open disk utilities now tab your USB Stick in the left pane then choose RESTORE grab your Dev Prev 1 Dmg don't mount it just drop it in your source and USB Stick to destination and restore erase will be called for with admin pass on lion.


4.once everything is done take both the HD your gonna install Mt Lion on and your new ESD USB STICK over to any real mac and the ESD will mount choose install and pick the the 10.8 HD your gonna install it this is not for dual Boot HDs and run the installer after you choose the disk it will restart as usual and it will install a nice fresh copy of 10.8 done! restart into the new 10.8 HD fill in your info.


5.Check all the apps everything should work no crash apps like in the forums. it will work!


6.Eject the USB Stick your done with it! Take the 10.8 HD to your pc running Snow or Lion Grab yourself Kakewalk 4.1.1from his site Donate if you like buy his app for a Buck! The Guy came through for alot of us. http://www.kakewalk.se/download/


7.Your 10.8 can be mounted via USB or eSata or internal sata it doesn't matter just get it mounted on your desktop, Pop over to linx2mac and grab his newest kext version .90 http://lnx2mac.blogspot.com/p/realtekrtl81xx-osx-driver.html I used that one if you read his forums it says it wont work but with this version it will i used Pacifist 3.0 leave the, kexthelper app alone dont use it! In Pacifist open the realteck pkg and right click on it and choose your 10.8 HD to install the Kext.


8.Run the Kakewalk 4.1.1 app choose upgrade option choose your motherboard and the 10.8 HD and let it install ... if the permission weren't fixed, its ok the pop up window will tell you use disk utilities thats what i did.


9.Install this version of Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8 and dont chose anything no smbios nothing... just make sure you change the installation to 10.8 cause i wasnt paying attention while i was lighting up my stogie and it did my LION i fix thank god.


10.Now after your done fix the 10.8 HD permissions and restart.


Thasts all i did!!!! gonna uploads screen shots


for non gigabyte owners there has to be something equivalent to kakewalk4.1.1 for you folks





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I would like to try this method but I don't have access to a real mac :(

I did try applying kakewalk to my usb install stick but couldn't do that so I made a hard drive partition with

the restored install image but again could not apply kakewalk to it.


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Hey Mike

1.Try the 10.8 installer mounted and choose the new partition, as to see if it can install to that new partition.

It seems you have a multi boot HD is that what your trying to do?

Or you gonna use a separate Hard Drive for 10.8?

2.Try BeSweets method also if the 10.8 DMG says it can install on this machine... if BeSweets works which it might cause it did on mine.

3.Then Try to run Kakewalk 4.1.1 upgrade Installation option.. after you have completed the BeSweet method but do not go into the new system just yet.

4.After that run the Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8 but don't chose any Smbios option: because Kakewalk 4.1.1 will have that ready for you.

5.Use Pacifist 3.0 to help you install all your Kext right click on the Kext and choose the new 10.8 system with admin privileges .

after all is done.

6.Open you disk Utilities and repair permissions on your new 10.8

7.Now try to log into the new 10.8 system so you can get to the setup screen.


i know this is off topic but we have the same board either way it will and you can install 10.8

i used the real mac method because i use real macs but i wanted to try my method to see if the installation will differ gladly to say 10.8 runs very good on EP-45 DS3R with this method all my outboard is working fine on it... just remember this is still a alpha release and the beta i think is out already....

in verbose mode i still see things 10.8 that needs to fixed as like the USB device numbers popping up as zeros.


Hint: Just don't rush the process what ever you do because your in multi boot mode

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