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How to create a working Recovery Partition?

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I have updated my system from a nice working 10.7.2 to a not so working and no very stable 10.7.3 as described in this post.




Ideally I would like to use one of the time machine backups that I have to restore the system to the working enviroment of 10.7.2 but I have tried so far using the Lion DVD that I created from the app but it always says "Lion cannot be installed on this computer" and then propts me for a restore from time machine back up but also that is not possible and I have to turn off the computer.


After few research I believe that that message might stem from the fact that I do not have a recovery partition (maybe I have mis interpreted so correct me if I am wrong) and I was condidering creating one just in case.


I did few research, I give it a shoot to the application "Lion Recovery Disk Assistant" from the Apple web page but it always come out with this message "a recovery system can't be created".


Also I found the this tutorial http://derflounder.w...r-hd-partition/ and I was wondering if this will be usefull to create a recovering partition bootable by Chameleon or Chimera?


Has any one created a bootable recovery partition? Would you mind sharing how did you do it?



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hacks not working the same as real macs, so you can't have a real recovery partition,

what you can do, is to make a bootable system on a tiny partition, and that would be your "recovery system", you can do everything from another working osx, so it quite convenient.


also one more thing is the error you described about "lion cannot be installed on this computer" is might be due to a wrong smbios file, or you can replace the osinstall.mpkg inside the package folder (on the installation folder) search it and you will find it

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Ok, thanks both for your reply. Last night I have been able to create the recovery partition but problem is that Chimera does not see it as bootable and is useless, do you know any way I can make it bootable?

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James, last night I have found a little work around to restore from Time Machine, I will report in case someone should have same problem.


The reason why I could not recover directly was that the Lion Start up CD was made for a MacBook Pro 8,1 where my time machine was using a MacPro 3,1.


What I did is to make a small partition on my HD of 10GB (called Installer), manually mount the InstallESD.dmg inside the Lion App and run the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] from Tonymac86 installing it on the Installer partition.

Further to make sure that the partition would have been bootable I have also installed the Chimera on it, accessed to the hidden files and changed the info.plist included in the preboot.dmg replacing it with the copy taken from the Time Machine Backup.

Restarted and lunching the installer partition I had the instal menu, with the restore option where I have choosen to restore from the TM Backup.


I was considering to keep this permanently, maybe carboncopying this to the recovery partition I created earlier but need to make that larger but I have 2 question for the experts:


1. How to increase the recovery partiton as this is not shown in the Disk Utility,maybe I will google for some Terminal Comand

2. If I dedide to wipe the recovery partition and place the file in the Installer partion mentioned above will this affect Icloud and Where is My mac service that work as long as there is a Lion Recovery Partition?


Thanks for sharing your views..

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