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  1. DA, I have recently got a tv and tried hooking my pc to the TV but while having Lion 10.7.3 the system freeze and I have to hold the power button for 5 secs to kill all and restart. After doing some reading I found out that Snow Leopard did not had such issue and infact when I have installed 10.6.0 I could hook the tv via HDMI and use it as normal. Getting excited I have used the combo update to 10.6.8 and I back to square one, system freeze also after updating to the latest kext available for 10.6.8 on Nvidia webstite. As anyone got any idea on a potential fix? Thanks and Regards Attached a couple of print screen, in Snow Leopard it show the Display Connector that gets populated when the TV is attached While in Lion the option is absent
  2. Bootloader problem sorted doing a manual installation of cameleon that has remvoed grub (the linux boot loader). If anyone had windows this could have been done as well with the windows install cd doing a repair install.
  3. Apart the polemics on tools that I have sourced from other forums is there anyone willing to share some knowledge on how to restore the chameleon funcionality on my computer? any help is very much appreciated, thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Ifire, your comment is very useful.
  5. DA, I need your help, today I have installed Ubuntu (a Linux distro) in a pourpouse made partion. Unfortuantelly Ubuntu screwed the cameleon boodloader that I have used so far and put is own bootloader that only boots Ubuntu and not Lion which is in an other partition. To sort the problem I have got rid off of Ubuntu but to start up lion the only way is to use a start up disk that I had somewhere from when I have installed Lion the first time. I have tried reinstalling cameleon, I have used the tonymacx86 ###### cd but none of them seems to work, do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. s.sirio

    VoodooHDA - common problems

    Is anyone else other than me having problem with Voodoohda.kext 2.7.3 + lion 10.7.4? So far I have clear working sound with the version 2.7.3 + lion 10.7.3 but since when I have upgraded to 10.7.4 I have no sound (and a massive KP before removing the AppleHDA.kext). Wonder who can help, thanks
  7. s.sirio

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    Just noted that I had to get rid off of the AppleHDA.kext, done that and the kernel panic no longer happens but the sound is very much distorted so I am back to square one. Has any one got a voodoohda.kext 10.7.4 compatible version? Any other solution or work around will be also very much appreciated. Thanks everyone
  8. s.sirio

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    I have upgraded to 10.7.4 but this version seems not to like the kext injected and gives a kernel panic. Not sure if I am the only one that faced such problem, i will appreciate if you could share your experience and possible solutions. Thanks every one
  9. Khris immagino che non hai più trovato una soluzione al problema del lettore di schede multimediale..? io ogni tanto provo a cercare nuove soluzioni ma nulla per ora..
  10. s.sirio

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    Found a simple fix to my problem of not being able to controll the audio volume in the kext: In essence in the info.plist change from false to true the below <key>VoodooHDAEnableVolumeChangeFix</key> <falsetrue/> and if the volume is to low <key>VoodooHDAEnableHalfVolumeFix</key> <falsetrue/> Credit to this post http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=355&st=400&p=8478entry8478
  11. s.sirio

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    Hope you will be successfull mergin the kexts, I have tried to look and compare myself but I was not sure what I was doing. If you need testers just shoot.. :-)
  12. Chris ti ringrazio per i kext che mi hai postato ma non so perchè ma ho provato a metterli sia in EE che in SLE ma l'audio non funziona. Intanto ho modificato la tua dsdtChrisSleep.aml.zip e il mio pc va in sleep benissimo, te la allego, ho semplicemente implementato quello che ti avevo scritto al post sopra, ovviamente devi tenere l'evoreboot altrimenti il wake non funziona. Intanto per il mio audio sono riuscito a far partire il loader con il vecchio kext per l'audio cosi sono tornato ad dove ero prima ma senza KP all'avvio. Se risolvi il card reader fammelo sapere, se lo risolvessi io ti contatto. Ciao
  13. s.sirio

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    Hi AndersenTec, very grateful that I found your kext loader as now I do not need to have any longer the VoodooHDA kext in the S/L/E or E/E folder and I do not have those kernel panic at startup. What I noticed is if I used the app you have provided the kext that was injected was working fine with 2 minor problem: 1. The microphone was not working 2. The Audio was not automatically played in the headphone when the headphone jack was insterted in So I swithched to my old HDA with the patcher you have provided. This old kext of mine VoodooHDA.kext.zip works fine in terms of microphone and audio autamatically enabled when a headphone is plugged in but does not allow to adjust the volume using the slide from the menu bar icon or the dedicated buttons on my keyboard that with your kext are working fine. I was wondering if you could merge the two kexts so to have one version that: 1. Enables the MIC 2. Enables the Audio Switch Automatically when headphones are inserted 3. Enables the audio slide function. Hope you can help, and thanks a lot for what you have done so far.
  14. Chris una cosa che ho notato nella tua DSDT, proprio paragonando le USB è che tu non hai tutte le porte riconosciute come interne (almeno credo) e presumo che il tuo computer non vada in standby. Io quel problema l'ho risolto semplicemente aggiungendo il codice qui sotto dopo la prima USB. Se il tuo pc va in standby e funziona tutto non modificare nulla, se invece vuoi provare fai pure... Da inserire tra la USB 1 e 3 Device (USB2) { Name (_ADR, 0x001D0001) Method (_S3D, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x02) } Method (_S4D, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x02) } } Ti volevo anche chiedere quali sono i kext aggiuntivi che hai messo nella tua installazione, io per l'audio ho usato a lungo il voodooHDA che però spesso mi creava dei random kernel panic se non avviavo in verbose. Ora qui sul forum ho trovato una nuova versione che viene messa con un injector dopo che il pc si è avviato che funziona benissimo ma che mi ha ucciso il microfono... Tu che soluzione hai per l'audio? Grazie
  15. Ho controllato il mio Bios è F58.. Ora paragono le due DSDT