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  1. hey noam clean your inbox and contact me please :)

  2. Noam AA

    10.7.3 with GT210 512 - No QE/CI

    you do have qe/ci, but the smbios might cuase a different results with your graphic card. for example i just finished building for a friend i5 2500 hackintosh, with 210GT 1GB, with one smbios i got a score of 1.5 fps in cinebench while with another one i got 13.5 fps but i think it a low end card so you won't gain much performance out of it
  3. hacks not working the same as real macs, so you can't have a real recovery partition, what you can do, is to make a bootable system on a tiny partition, and that would be your "recovery system", you can do everything from another working osx, so it quite convenient. also one more thing is the error you described about "lion cannot be installed on this computer" is might be due to a wrong smbios file, or you can replace the osinstall.mpkg inside the package folder (on the installation folder) search it and you will find it
  4. Noam AA

    i5-2500k, cpu scaling is working?

    you can load FakeSMC plugins for your set of sensors (on motherboard) and CPU plugin for voltage and temp reading, you can use SMC monitor to check your CPU speed, temp and voltage (after applying plugins) and also istat menus (more advanced app)
  5. Noam AA

    External Soundcard for logic 9

    are you using any dsdt fix for SATA (to show as native in system profiler), the thing is, in a regular PC you don't have this kind of motion sensor, it's only for laptops. i only stumbled upon this message while using DSDT fix for native sata, once i used AHCIPortInjector.kext instead this message went away, but i can't promise changes, it is weird thing to get this message on a PC, but it could also be a disk speed issue (if you have let's say a green WD HD, then it might cause those problems cause it's a really slow disk) other thing is to check CPU meter and see if there are any unwanted CPU spikes (caused by poor audio card, low buffer settings, CPU intensive plugins, etc..) one more thing, does your board have AHCI setting in bios or it's just IDE?
  6. Noam AA

    10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    does the CMOS reset itself? Bios is set to S3 Only? also check if your hibernation state is set to suspend to ram, and not suspend to disk (on osx via pmset on terminal, google)
  7. yep,but see the thing is you need to achieve 3 things in order to get appstore, and all other "MAC ADRESS" related softwares, first you need to get it working, this first and most important stage, it must work, not just recognized. (i myself, since experiencing KP with the modded Driver for my Atheros L1 LAN, bought a chip PCI card with 8169 chip to have working LAN) step 2 is to make the interface recognized as built-in, you have 3 ways doing it, DSDT injection (DSM method), EFI string (Device-properties in boot.plist), and to turn on the EthernetBuiltIn switch on chameleon (or any other boot-loader with this option) last thing to check is that the OS recognize the interface as the first in the chain (en0). this way, all request for MAC address authentications goes to this interface, which is "built-in". some reporting however that for instance EthernetBuiltIn didn't work for them but EFI string did (can't understand that but whatever...), so it's best to try everything. if it's still refuse to work, you can try do the same as me and buy a chip ethernet card (with support ) and if that the only problem between you and appstore then you will be fine (however if everything i said you already done, then you might need to look somewhere else, or try to understand, by the modification you are doing to make the installation work, which might be the problem) hope this will help you solve it
  8. Noam AA

    Lion Sleep Issue :-(

    are you using DSDT.aml with generic patches for sleep and other stuff? does speed-step working for you?
  9. Noam AA

    10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    what happen when you send the PC to sleep? does it stay black until force reboot? does it wake up seconds after you send it to sleep? what the console saying?
  10. Noam AA

    How do I dualboot Lion & Leopard?

    if lion working good for you, my guess Snow Leo will be much much reliable (but do a vanilla installation).
  11. Noam AA

    10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    i seen someone got this massage while overclocking, don't know why it happens but if you do OC, try to run with Default BIOS setting, only change SATA to AHCI, and see if it's still coming up also, try to do a CMOS Reset, sometime the PC can stuck in unusual states, and sometime, CMOS Reset can help. it can also happen when you made Mkext for all your S/L/E folder, to the boot cache, this broken since 10.7.2, if you did that or if you haven't. try to move all your Extra Extension to S/L/E (with some kext utility) and boot with "UseKernelCache=Y" (note that if you try to boot with UseKernelCache=Y without at list FakeSMC.kext on s/l/e, you system will not boot up, in case you have no way into your system files, and want to try, you can try to do this "UseKernelCache=Y -s" to go into single user mode, and load FakeSMC, in case it got pass the "waiting for root")
  12. i know it isn't that useful on most forums, but as i remember a lot used it here (if i remember correctly..)
  13. Hey, i noticed the second title on threads has gone, can it be fixed?
  14. Noam AA

    Problems to make Lion sleep/wake

    would you mind sharing the patched and untouched DSDT?
  15. Noam AA

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    how exactly are they suck bug time? isn't that apple's fault? it most certainly is! because they are the ones without PCI interface. BTW, i have 9632, and it works great with Lion, with the older driver under 32 bit, only few minor bugs (i've seen worst with other companies interfaces, with the newest update available, and some work some not, some have big issues), and this from driver that is 5 years old. so excuse me, but RME rules, Apple sucks, and for the other one complaining about pissed off by company, what about apple? don't they f878ck their customers on a daily basis? BTW, all other RME interfaces that Does support osx entirely, have a very good drivers that does support OSX and Hackintoshes very well! also one more thing, you can try pci to pci express adapter if you pci isn;t working correctly (thats what i did with my Powercore PCI interface)