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(after being advised to move post here... :thumbsup_anim: )


Hi all,


hopefully a quick one but something I have been trying to configure for some time.


In short, installed OSX 10.6 in VMware without any major issues. I am now at the point of trying to configure graphics but I am a bit lost as to what to expect and what to do.


To start with I installed VMsvga2_v1.2.4_OS_10.6-7.pkg drivers and I had no issues after reboot.

Enabled 3D accelaration in VMWare, also no issues.


Tried various options in vmx and Boot.plist but none gives me expected 3D performance.


Is there a clear guide on how to set this aspect up?

Also, what is the best way of confirming it is working? In my case FrontRow gives blank screen, QuickTime no error but nothing else (doesn't load) and DVD player starts but shows error about no compatible device being found (which from what I read is expected). Any other ways of confirming 3D acceleration is in place?


Many many thanks in advance.

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Thanks for replying.


Yes I have had a look at that post. Between the version changes and other items discussed, there is (in my mind) no clear indication as to what to expect, how to setup and how to test.


Apologies if I am being a pain.

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No probs. QE / CI is the jargon for the 3d capability your are expecting. Zenith's driver doesn't implement it and there are many hurdles preventing it from being implemented, mostly due to Apple not publishing an API and having a habit of changing it, thwarting attempts at reverse engineering


It does a great job with 2d but don't hold your breath for any QE / CI solutions in Vmware any time soon.

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I understand that, however the docs for vmsvga2 suggest that it uses video overlay and other features (apart from 3D), and when testing - using instructions in docs - I can confirm that the vm is not using overlay (using cmd shell over video etc). Also other features described in there don't seem to be working either (I believe it mentioned somewhere that FrontRow is supported).


So, in short, how can I confirm the installation is right and assuming that with the above example I prove it isn't how to detect issue and resolve.


I know this is way way way down the bottom of the barrel in terms of priorities, issues and the like... I am just a very fussy guy I suppose and want to ensure I get best environment for iPhone Dev ;-)

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