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2 issues remain. (HDMI audio and iCloud)


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1.8ghz d525 atom

nvidia ion 2 (GT218)

Intel NM10 Express chipset


computer model is acer veriton n282g

os version 10.7.2

cpu reports a core 2 duo

atom modifed kernel


1. Its very strange but I can not sign into iCloud. app store is working fine.

-tried different serials, ethernet is built in and is the only (working) network adapter

2. HDMI audio would complete the computer

-browsed tonys forum HDMI audio thread. basicaly what I picked up from that was that it is not possible


if anybody here can point me in the right direction, please let me know! I look forwards to anybodys advice.

thank you in advance

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I'm not sure, I think you need to have the fabled Lion Recovery Partition to be able to use iCloud? There are ways to create it post install.


I know there was an iCloud fix in Chameleon recently, make sure you are using a recent 2.1 version.




It turns out that I'm half-right, go here for more information:



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My goal is not to enable find my Mac, it is ultimately to sign into iCloud. I get a message that says I have a valid apple ID but it is not an iCloud accout.

I can sign into the app store and download apps, I have not tried FaceTime because I have no camera or microphone.

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