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  1. ok so here it goes, I was having some heat related issuses that would cause my pc to hang when either the gpu or cpu got to hot. i dont know witch one they are under the same heatsink on this tiny pc i bought. to rule out that osx was causing the problem, i found a guide to install windows after os x as a dual boot. this differs from other methods where windows must be installed first. ok so i got windows thin pc loaded I then went out to use cmd prompt to change the active partition back to the one containing chameleon so it would boot first on the next boot. what i got was a flashing underscore on a blank black screen. I can use the windows install usb to activate the windows partition but then when i boot it will go straight to windows, and i want back into os x ive tried notbookbootcd and rboot. netbook boot cd hangs at mach_kernel.. not suprising. I am using a patched kernel located in extra folder. rboot gives me the same symptom as setting active partition to my main osx one. and to top it all of, osx isnt causing the heat issues so the computer needs to go in for repair anyways. any help getting back into osx would be greatly appreciated. thank you, alan
  2. Graphicsenabler string on boot.plist still haven't figured out how to get hdmi audio working on gt218.
  3. 2 issues remain. (HDMI audio and iCloud)

    My goal is not to enable find my Mac, it is ultimately to sign into iCloud. I get a message that says I have a valid apple ID but it is not an iCloud accout. I can sign into the app store and download apps, I have not tried FaceTime because I have no camera or microphone.
  4. followed guide here http://sites.google.com/site/nozyczek/home/hackintosh/how-to-install-lion-10-7-0-on-jetway-nc98-525e-lf
  5. 1.8ghz d525 atom nvidia ion 2 (GT218) Intel NM10 Express chipset computer model is acer veriton n282g os version 10.7.2 cpu reports a core 2 duo atom modifed kernel 1. Its very strange but I can not sign into iCloud. app store is working fine. -tried different serials, ethernet is built in and is the only (working) network adapter 2. HDMI audio would complete the computer -browsed tonys forum HDMI audio thread. basicaly what I picked up from that was that it is not possible if anybody here can point me in the right direction, please let me know! I look forwards to anybodys advice. thank you in advance
  6. audio half figured out, still no output to hdmi. sleep and wifi still not working.. any tips for updating to 10.7.2?
  7. HP G62T and nVidia Ion 2

    ion 2 is compatible with lion, still figuring out audio on D525 with NM10 - GT218 A2 Ion2
  8. I spoke to soon on the mouse scroll being backwards! i suppose i should have checked the mouse settings!
  9. Ok so here it goes, I followed this guide because the hardware was so similar: How to install Lion 10.7.0 on Jetway NC98-525E-LF Specs on the PC I am running are: Intel nv10 chipset Nvidia ion 2 graphics d525 atom 2gb ram Everything went exactly as it should have but pre install i was hanging at "[ PCI configuration begins ]" or whatever that error is. The fix to get past that is the flag "DSDT=No". So now I have lion up and running and I am posting to this forum using a wireless bridge via another pc because: 1) no wifi 2) sleep does not work 3) audio does not work 4) wheel on mouse scrolls backwards 5)card reader not detected - not a big deal I would also like if it would be possible to not have to type DSDT=No before every boot or add it to Boot.plist. I know its quite a bit for a first post, If anybody can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated
  10. Introduce yourself.

    My name is alan, I have just successfully installed lion on non mac hardware. I also achieved a 13/13 on the first quiz! fancy that happy hackintoshing