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Need help with USB fix on Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.6i


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Hey everyone,

I finally got OSX 10.6.6 running well with Hazard, the thing is that my keyboard and mouse are only working on my USB3.0, i installed the USB3.0 and USB fix in the customization part of the install. I have also tried putting





in com.apple.Boot.plist but doesn't work, also tried USBBusFix=Yes before I boot. Still doesn't work. Also another weird thing is that my computer won't recognize my keyboard (logitech g15) when it's plugged into the USB3.0 port and i'm in the BIOS etc. But if I put it into another USB Slot, it's fine. I have to switch the slots between when I'm booted into OSX and not.


Also, if anyone can help with the graphics settings - I put


<key>Kernel Flag</key>

<string>"Graphics Mode"="1650x1080x32"</string>


into com.apple.Boot.plist but it doesn't make a difference.I need help with the sound (onboard sound) and wifi (Atheros 9285 WLAN) as well.


My specs-

i7 870

Gigabyte P55-USB3

2xGTX460(only using one when in OSX)


Thanks a ton for looking and I really appreciate any help :)

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