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Help on Acer Aspire 4755G DSDT


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hi there, i followed the guide from http://macmanx86.blogspot.com/2011/07/minimal-dsdt-edits-for-gigabyte-socket.html and some extra study to edit my Aspire's DSDT extract from windows

http://www.acer.com.my/ac/en/MY/content/model/LX.RRD02.014 this is my specification


but i m fail to compile it with DSDT editor. can anyone show me some light to edit this model's DSDT?

if possible pls let me know the minimal edits for it. and what type of device need DSDT injection, sound card, optimus etcs


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this part is missing in the begining to compile .,reextract with dsdt se.


Intel ACPI Component Architecture

* AML Disassembler version 20091112


* Disassembly of /Users/Desktop/warningdsdt.aml, Sat Aug 27 09:04:42 2011



* Original Table Header:

* Signature "DSDT"

* Length 0x0000A892 (43154)

* Revision 0x02

* Checksum 0x0D

* OEM ID "Intel "


* OEM Revision 0x06040000 (100925440)

* Compiler ID "INTL"

* Compiler Version 0x20091112 (537465106)


DefinitionBlock ("/Users/Desktop/warningdsdt.aml", "DSDT", 2, "Intel ", "CANTIGA", 0x06040000

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