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  1. Acer 5750 HDMI VGA not working

    i am having acer 4755 with intel hd 3000 but i am getting hdmi port working but not vga as macbook pro not having vga port ...
  2. [Risolto] Kext Broadcom 57780

    see the link below: http://www.osx86.net/view/3089-broadcom_netlink_bcm5778x.html
  3. While mountain Lion installation if you stuck at still waiting for root Device . Then you have see that port to which you connected installer USB as ML for hackintosh doesn't support 3.0 usb port . So For Fixing this error you should need to connect Installer usb to to 2.0 port.
  4. Help! Been trying to install for 4 days straight!

    @ Imagineersparks:you should delete all appleintelhdgraphics.kext and framebuffer kext to pass this error ... yoy will get installer windows.
  5. Acer 4755 which mac os will work

    Hey dude i am also having 4755 If you want guid to install lion/ml i will help u.send me message about it.
  6. @gareth_iowc : if you intel 1st gen i2,i5,i7 there is no solution for this intel hd GPU. you can install mac in vmware so you can get atleast proper resolution but no qe/ci......
  7. same problem happens with me,i am having 2nd gen i3 processor,so this happens due to intel hd 3000 kext.So delete all kext related to intel hd 3000 and reboot...It Works for me !
  8. bootloader resolution

    hi! i am having sandy bridge graphics on my acer 4755 with i3 processor.. i am getting fully native resolution after starting mac os x,but boot loader chameleon loads with only 1024x768 resolution and so apple logo also in same resolution! is there any way to get native resolution with this configuration to get boot loader in 1366x768x32.... i was tried to add 1366x768x32 in boot plist but no effect !
  9. Lion on MBR?

    hey are you having dvd of IAtkos l1 lion? it's very simple to install lion...there is a disk utility which can format hard drive to mbr........nd install lion.
  10. Help on Acer Aspire 4755G DSDT

    is ur wifi working? if yes then how to enable pls help?
  11. I am installed mac os x lion 10.7.1 using iatkos DVD; i am getting all hardware working except bluetooth,i am having broad com bluetooth which works only with safe boot mode.when starts with normal boot i can't enable bluetooth with fn+f3 please help me?????? sorry for english !
  12. Intel hd graphics 3000

    but if i am having sandy briege graphics with nvidia geforce gt520 1gb optimus then is it work?? i mean both cards or one card??????
  13. Intel hd graphics 3000

    no dude i am going change my laptop with other which having 2nd gen i3/i5 processor cause 2nd generation processors not having supper for hm55 chipset
  14. Intel hd graphics 3000

    i am installed mac os x lion on acer aspire 4741z dual core which having intel hd graphics,which is not supported by mac so i am getting only 1024x768 streached resolution.So i decided to upgrade my processor to intel i3/i5 whatever which having intel hd 3000 sandy bridge graphics..... IS MY DECISION IS RIGHT OR WRONG PLEASE HELP ME???????