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  1. AR5BHB112 aka haft mini AR5BXB112 (AR9380)

    Can you further explain y nobody can rebrand it ? Cause I saw iMac 2011 is using this ar5bxb112 as its wifi card. And I just checked the extension for wifi in s/l/e the device Id 0030 is in the info.plist is that indicate that I can use it ? I need more info before making my purchase hopefully owner or someone who use this card before can share their experiance . Thank you Best regard, Ken
  2. Hi there, I am hunting a mini pci-e wireless card for my hack. I come across that the ar5bxb112 are the fastest(450mbps) and natively supported card but after some research i notice that there is a half mini version of the card called ar5bhb112 where Qualcomm advertise it as exactly same card as ar5bxb112. This is the eBay link of the card http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=220890763103 Can anyone confirm with me the card will work OOB as airport like ar5bxb112? Do I need to rebrand the subsystem Id ? If yes what are they as I can confirm the device Id of this half mini card (168c:0030) is exactly same as the full size card. The version my hack running is 10.7.2(64 bit vanilla without any kext except fakesmc and speed stepper patch ) My objective is to get a dual band Mimo 3x3,3 wireless card that work natively. All input are welcomed ! Thank you ! Best regard, Ken
  3. Help on Acer Aspire 4755G DSDT

    hi there, sorry i not really understand what you actually trying to show me >< sorry for nub in this. if possible could you made me a patch file?
  4. Help on Acer Aspire 4755G DSDT

    hi there, i followed the guide from http://macmanx86.blogspot.com/2011/07/minimal-dsdt-edits-for-gigabyte-socket.html and some extra study to edit my Aspire's DSDT extract from windows http://www.acer.com.my/ac/en/MY/content/model/LX.RRD02.014 this is my specification but i m fail to compile it with DSDT editor. can anyone show me some light to edit this model's DSDT? if possible pls let me know the minimal edits for it. and what type of device need DSDT injection, sound card, optimus etcs dsdt.zip
  5. [Help] P8Z68-v Pro DSDT (version 0902)

    thank you for ur info. btw can i ask slightly more? could u pls let me know what patches i needed for my motherboard? coz it seem not much info i can search from google
  6. [Help] P8Z68-v Pro DSDT (version 0902)

    hi there i was trying to edit my own DSDT with DSDT editor but i facing two error while compiling my DSDT.i just wonder anyone out there are kind enough to help me re-edit/repair my DSDT? thank you very much... p8z68_v_pro_0902.zip
  7. ok first of all i m a new macbook user =) i just got my macbook 3 days ago ... i changed the HDD in my macbook MB466LL/A with a 500GB complete empty HDD and format it as windows vista 64 bit ultimate version. After finish the installation i apply the vistaloeader.exe and the windows show activated but after i install the bootcamp64.msi my windows show up expiry in 30 days... Questions 1) can i know any1 success in doing this ? 2) can i know this happen cause by? windows 64bit activation and bootcamp or ? 3) is there anyway to use non-legit version of windows vista 64bit with bootcamp installed? any1 can help me?