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  1. ALC269VC on Sony VAIO SVE1512

    hi , try it layout 1 mestiso.zip
  2. hi, i think you saw that y have exactly the same laptop as trucker 17 inch add a line in graphics and paste his custom edid into CustomEDID =00FFFFFFFFFFFF00061014A0000000000A160104902615780A6FB1A7554C9E250C505400000001010101010101010101010101010 1012F2640B860840C30303023007ED710000019000000FC00436F6C6F72204C43440A202020000000FE000000004C47446973706C61790A000000FE004C503137335744312D544C41330066
  3. for colors , trucker said you have to correct edid checksum ,that s the problem with wrong colors, find the thread about that , i never had any problem with wrong colors , i use a 24 inch hdmi screen. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298807-amd-radeon-hd-6650m-the-last-piece-of-the-puzzle-edid-injection-with-clover-or-dsdt-the-mistery-of-the-wrong-lvds-senseid/?do=findComment&comment=2029718
  4. hi, check first page of this thread, trucker did a lot of experiment on acer, i still use mavericks , i prefer it and intel graphics ,i have dual graphics but use only intel. i can load both. nothing wrong to use my dsdt ,it s been patched a long time ago, clover do the injection anyway. applehda is for mavericks also. acer.zip
  5. bonjour, pourquoi ne pas refaire comme cette personne sur cette page : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/307480-osx-1011-el-capitan-dp1-kernel-panic/ , cette machine fonctionne apparemment........ya meme le dossier extra le mac pro 6,1 a les derniers xeon Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70 GHz 1 processor, 12 cores, 24 threads GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 62 Stepping 4 Apple Inc. Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6 MacPro6,1 Apple Inc. MP61.88Z.0116.B16.1509081436 et upgradable intel Xeon E5–2650 v2 8-Core 2.6GHz with 20MB Cache, 25% faster, $1498 - Intel Xeon E5–2667 v2 8-Core 3.3GHz with 25MB Cache, 41% faster, $2448 - Intel Xeon E5–2690 v2 10-Core 3.0GHz with 25MB Cache, 45% faster, $2396 - Intel Xeon E5–2697 v2 12-Core 2.7GHz with 30MB Cache, 46% faster, $2978
  6. hi, for 7750g owners , i just upgrade to 16 gb ram , it works easy , and switch to 512 ram for intel... nice upgrade. i tried also el capetan on my machine , amd 6650 is natively recognized without patching ,cattail framebuffer, correct amount ram, easyer than maverick...just video bios in rom directory. bye.
  7. hi , a member freuser said that some time ago , try it : I had similar problem, but it was not related to video card. If I choose any SMBIOS except MacBookAir6.1 + generation of PStates, it stucks for a while at the end of boot and then I get a white screen. If I select MacBookAir6.1 SMBIOS or disable PStates generation, it boots fine. IMO it's related to X86PlatformPlugin in my case. Maybe something similar happens to you (I guess you are using custom SSDT for PStates).
  8. hi, i tried this on my laptop before ,and even if y get both gpu recognized they work both at same time ,no switching and it s useless ....i took bios from another same laptop with ati only and that worked; i guess that ati video bios on yours also is for switching gpu on windows platform and won t be helpfull in osx unless y can disabled intel video in bios. i extracted mine from video bios files and it s different from regular ati video bios. so i use intel only. hope it was helpfull. bye;
  9. hi,trucker this is my ati config,try it straight, it s 8.2 smbios but doesnt hurt. i didnt make it,someone had clover running with acer,don t remenber from where...maybe here. if you have password enter it blindly on that screen,happen to me sometimes and work as well. config.plist.zip
  10. y tried this way 01 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 01 01 /is 10 for vga if it work with this card.... 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 01 02 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 09 01 00 00 20 01 01 02 this was working before editing anything 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 10 00 02 06
  11. hi, ok so its not fully enable on mine....very slow thanks for sharing.... witch IOPFPluginTypes do you have in atiframebufferNI line? IOAccelerator2D.plugin or x3000plugin? i tried with stock amd6000 kext like the first time, i boot hardly everytime but system is nice , dual gpu , open gl on both,no idea how osx handle both gpu.....on one screen only. maybe someone will have more luck on dual LCD. trucker3.tiff dual.tiff dual2.tiff dual3.tiff dual4.tiff dual6.tiff
  12. disable intel in bios if y can ,and try amd only or clover inject ati only. injectEDID=yes read more pages everywhere ,you may find more informations from working installation.
  13. hi, on mine i can have both gpu working , but it s wortless because intel is main gpu and no way to switch between them.,osx need gmux to switch and we don t have this fonction. inject edid in clover if you didn t yet.