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Install hang when updating dyld caches on iATKOS S3 v2


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I encountered a hang when installing snow leopard on my HP 210 atom N570 netbook. I had the install log open, and the last item was something about updating the dyld caches (it was about 90-95% done).



I put iATKOS S3 v2 on a USB, then ran netbook installer.

On the Netbook, I ran a liveCD of gparted, and created a 100GB HFS+ partition (I then had to reformat the partition with the installer to add journaling).

I started the install on my netbook. I set some appropriate options in the "customise" area.


The install went fine until towards the end when the system hung (except for the mouse). I waited for another 40 minutes to see if it would come back, but it didn't. I tried booting into the partially installed system, but unsurprisingly, nothing happened. I tried installing again, this time I left the install log open. Again the install hung. The last item in the log was something about updating the dyld caches. This time I left it overnight, but it didn't help.


Does anyone have any ideas? I have spent a bunch of time searching the web and searching forums for any similar experiences. I think I selected the right options in the install, however I am not sure. I assume that choosing the wrong options would not cause the install to hang. Is this correct?

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