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Post Installation help, Iatkos L1.. Help please

Dileep Nagesh

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I' m a newbee to hackintosh and finally after a long research and help form Iatkos, got Lion running 10.7.1....


My Rig is:


Motherboard: Intel DG41RQ - http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/moth...rq-overview.htm

Processor: Intel E7300 - http://ark.intel.com/products/36463/Intel-...z-1066-MHz-FSB)

Graphics Card - MSI 9600GT

Hard drive - 160 GB seagate

Keyboard & Mouse: HP wireless keyboard and mouse


Now post installation problems are as below


1. The core 2 duo is shown as core 2 solo (even in system profiler is shows number of cores as 1)

2. When i restart the system successfully restarts.. however when i shut down.. It shuts down but all fans running like system is still on

3. Sleep mode problems-


Explaining :

(a) When the monitor goes to sleep i move the mouse nothing happens, but when i hit space on keyboard it wakes monitor

(:( When i let it sleep it never wakes up

© When "Turn off HDD activity" is enabled all downloads and stuff stop


4. Is there any disk clone for disaster recovery

5. When i run xbench it stays at CPU and does not go past for the graphic test (If i uncheck CPU other test run)


Well those are the above which i immediately observed as a flaw..


Is there any tool to test if the QE/CI and that sort of stuff all is fine???


I need help in post tweaking instructions and also apps required for a mac newbee who recently shifted from windows.




Dileep Nagesh

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search a bit about DSDT Override,

this is a Patch file made by Great Mald0n for your motherboard


u need your own pre-patched DSDT file (extracted from windows or linux)

and dsdt editor and patcher



4. CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) worked for me many times, but you might need to install chameleon to the cloned drive, even though it saying it will be bootable.

5. Xbench CPU test does not work with lion


Also make sure you using a right SMBIOS, like this one http://www.sendspace.com/file/p1vgtn

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@ Noam AA, I am not sure about most of it as I' am new to this


I have the machine working and its working good.. however sleep restarts the computer and no clue on editing the DSDT as iam form windows..


I really need 2 things


1. Before i mess my lion 10.7.2 with DSDT editing and stuff i need a backup image, you informed that its only possible with CCC, so is there any guide on chameleon + ccc

2. Any comprehensive guide for noobs about SMBIOS / DSDT


Thanks a million for the last reply

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you need no guides, just copy the drive with CCC then install chameleon. (search google "how to install chameleon" if you don't know how)

2. there is no such thing, all information is all across osx86 boards, you will need to do a real research if you wish to find information about those things


but, you don;t have to, i already gave you a patch file, you just need to extract dsdt from you pc (search "how to extract dsdt), and apply the patch with dsdt editor and patcher http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=223205

and i also already gave you a smbios file for your hardware, smbios-macpro3,1 is the most compatible.

everything is in the post, just read again and slowly

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@ Noam AA, thanks for all your valuable inputs and WE GOT GOOD NEWS :)


To all windows users who like to click click and get the job done


Things we need


1. Patch for DG41RQ thanks to Noam, http://www.sendspace.com/file/y7bkav

2. Discontinued DSDT Auto-Patcher (app only) - http://www.osx86.net/view/1881-dsdt_auto-p...r_app_only.html

3. DSDT GUI patcher http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=131


Steps to fix DSDT


1. download the send space file

2. generate your own motherboards DSDT using auto-patcher

3. after saving the patched DSDT apply it using the DSDT GUI patcher


Now @Noam AA,


I got a few issues fixed


1. Core 2 duo shows core 2 duo and two cores.. yay

2. shut down and restart was fixed.. (does it normally)


Issues which did not get fixed


1. Sleep issues


New issues cropping up


1. The USB devices other than keyboard and mouse dont get recognized some times after restart

(I currently have applied a USB patch for 1.6.x.. so need to wait and see)


I will research on the CCC and then get back to you.





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I had bad luck and it was not booting last so i used iatkos L2 and installed mac..


Sleep is not working and i was pondering about speed step as my proc runs at max GHz....


USB devices, well sometimes gives problem but .. ill restart big deal...


CCC, seriously man.. iam pondering about it.. have backed up 60 GB but dont know how to restore it...





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So some good news.. got carbon copy cloner working... had to do a full backup using carbon copy cloner and then install chameleon*** .pkg file and then using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] i had a PCi card and finally got it to work.


Link i refered to: http://konteudos.info/?p=4294


Now the issues i face is


1. Sleep is not working

2. Cannot login to icloud and app store

3. Itunes crashes when i try to turn genius on


Note: I have a DWA-125 A2 wireless card as i dont have a lan cable to my hackintosh.


Need help.. please

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about dsdt for sleep problems see this




about the other problems use system info


and post your dev id and vender id of the not working things




about iCloud and apple store




and follow the instructions


good hack

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