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  1. 1. Who plays with the catnip-filled ball?

    • Sadie
    • Pascal
    • Winks
    • Rocky

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Ok, this was a question in my Alegebra 2 Honors text book. Unfortunately I don't know what the correct answer is according to the text book but I did get an answer for myself after a lot of work. Here it is. I doubt many people will try this but I thought I'd post it anyways. Have fun!


Kiana has a photgraph of her four cats sitting in a row. The cats are different ages, and each cat has its own favorite toy and favorite sleeping spot.


-Rocky and the 10-year old cat would never sit next to each other for a photo.

-The cat that sleeps in the blue chair and the cat that plays with the rubber mouse are the two oldest cats.

-The cat that plays with the silk rose is the third cat in the photo.

-Sadie and the cat on Sadie's left in the photo don't sleep on the furniture.

-The 8-year old cat sleeps on the floor.

-The cat that sleeps on the sofa eats the same food as the 13-year-old cat.

-Pascal like to chase the 5-year-old cat.

-If you add the ages of the cat that sleeps in a box and the one that plays with the stuffed toy, you get the age of Winks.

-The cat that sleeps on the blue chair likes to hide the catnip ball, which belongs to one of the cats sitting next to it in the photo.


Who plays with the catnip-filled ball?

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No one else voted as I did, but I'm pretty confident I have the answer.


Oops, hadnt meant to post the answer



So... I'm pretty sure I got the right answer.


EDIT: I was reviewing the problem, and I've verified that my answer is indeed correct.

There's one key piece of information that can be interpreted wrong to give you the wrong answer. For a hint, I will list the cats, from left to right. Sadie, Rocky, Winks, Pascal.

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