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  1. Computer Names

    All of mine are based on greek mythology or words... Melete (development server) - "practice, exercise" Mnemosyne (database server) - Titan god of memory Athena (web server) - "sharp praise" Pyrrhus (firewall) - "fire" Kronos (main workstation) - Titan god, father of Olympian gods Rhea (second workstation) - Titan god, wife to Kronos (Zeus' mother) Ismene (file server) - "knowledge" Asclepius (backup server) - Greek god of healing
  2. I know this forum is meant for MacOS X either on Apple or x86 hardware, but I just happened to notice that Apple has made an "Apple Software Update" tool for Windows. The iTunes 7.0 installer remarked that it was for "iTunes and other Apple software". No reason to have a separated update tool if Apple only has one application available for Windows (quicktime not included). Which MacOS applications do you want to see come to the Windows operating system?
  3. Up for a Tough Problem?

    Had to use Excel to figure that one out.
  4. VLC and video chopiness

    What kind of video card are you using?
  5. Showtime.

    Windows users get 'assimilated' Mac users get 'set free'
  6. iAnnoyance Winner: "Stoplight"

    For the people who are bashing this contest, none of them seem to realize that having an option is better than none at all. They may like the current way Mac OS X handles windows, but HEY you don't have to install it.
  7. Bill Gates, Back to School

    Seeing as the box he was holding was office 2002/xp, it would explain the timeframe better.
  8. Google Notifier released

    Same problem, but i'm running 10.4.5 Myzar
  9. Which part of the US is the best

    LOVE the northwest. I hope to move back up to the Seattle area here in about 7 months when my lease is up.
  10. What do you think about president Bush?

    Unable to vote. Scale does not go into the negatives.
  11. Whats your website/forum?

    http://www.tampaforums.com http://www.tamparacing.com http://www.sidekicked.net (under development) http://www.xaerix.com (under permanent development)
  12. I thought they were in COBOL? Or was it that the OS was in COBOL?
  13. What is the best Classic version?

    8.6 comes in first, with 7.6.1 being close second
  14. Oh jesus, I had to come across this thread... Performa 637 PowerBook 3400 PowerMac 7600 PowerMac 9100 PowerMac G4 Not really a Mac-persay... Apple eMate 300 Newton MessagePad 130 Newton MessagePad 2100
  15. Introduce Yourself

    My name stems from my love of Nikon photography equipment and other products. Most people have said that I have the most diehard loyalty to Nikon, which I guess is true if I have Nikon eyeglasses on top of the myriad of Nikon equipment I already own. I love photography, however, I would never want to have it as my career. I'm a systems engineer for a fortune 5 communications company based out of Basking Ridge, NJ. Anyone want to take a stab at who it may be? I analyze software, do bug reporting, and write documentation for internally developed applications. Really simple stuff in my eyes. I personally think I should never of left my previous job working as a system administrator as a midwest university. I also develop websites in my offtime. My most recent project has been http://www.tampaforums.com. Think of it as a Myspace for the Tampa bay area. Not really all that much to me. <shrug>