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[Guide] Lion on GA-EP45-UD3R - very close to perfection

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Hi I have been banging my head for days. I have Partitions of Lion that worked until I wiped my chameleon bootloader on a USB stick that was loading these working lion partitions.  I was focused on the best bootloader…. 


After much trial, I think simply usinging Chameleon wizard to extract DSDT finally fixed it.



but I still need to boot with npci=0x3000 and PCURootUID=1 but It's 64 bit


Do those boot flags affect anything?

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Dear All  Kindly can anyone post a complete clover folder with config and kext for the ga-ep45-ud3r ?

I would like to install Sierra on it.


I have recently updated the CPU from a Q6600 to a Q9550.


I hope someone could help.



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U have Sierra installed?

-Create USB bootable
-Install Clover in USB Stick with these options
MaLd0n 2017-04-12 às 18.04.22.png
-Replace full Clover folder in USB Stick
-After install
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