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10.6.8 update breaks App Store

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It may be a genuine/good serial number but does it match up to the system identifier you are using?

I.e. If you are using a MacPro5,1 system identifier you have to make sure that your serial number is for a MacPro5,1, and not for, say, an iMac11,1.

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This is new to me. Where would I find the serial number I'm using?

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Wow! That was easy! I love how easy Champlist made it to line up your smbios to have all matching stuff. I had a serial from a macpro 3,1 but a MI of a macpro5,1 Let's see if this helps with my appstore.


OK. So now it KP's because of some kexts its trying to load. I suppose I have to make it so it thinks it's something that doesn't require those kexts. from the research I've done, they are kexts designed for Mac Pro Server builds, so I'm gonna try to change it to maybe an iMac.


Is there anything wrong with using a Serial/MI from a dual cpu mac pro from the 4,1 MI series when I only have one processor?

Champlist didn't work so well for me either. I had a kernel panic on boot using the smbios it created.


Luckily I was able to boot off another drive and restore my old smbios. I need to compare these and figure out why the changes caused the KP.


Anyway, be careful using Champlist.

Careful using champlist to change your smbios to anything marked server. It'll activate a series of kexts related to server-specific platforms and those are what cause the kp's.

Thanks for this! I glossed over that part of your post somehow. I'm going to go back through my process and see if that is what I did (probably).

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No problem. I haven't had any issues using champlist to set my smbios to a 4,1 dual proc non-server mac pro, doesn't seem to matter that my system only has one proc.


Only issue is that champlist never actually saves my smbios, so I just copy and paste the serial Amd other needed info into the smbios file manually and save it that way. Then repair cache Amd permissions and reboot. Works a charm.

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So is the problem just that if you don't have ethernet working, you're not able to run App Store apps? I just got Ethernet working on my Hackintosh (not that I need it, I'm a wireless guy) so...

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I had the same problem as you. It's an easy fix, though.


Just add the following addendum to your com.apple.Boot.plist:





Hopefully that fixes the Mac App Store for you. It worked for me. :D

 how to acces that file please?

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