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  1. kmisterk

    SL on a Dell Precision 490

    Still trying to get this thing up and running. I'm always late in the game, but better late than never. I can't get this thing to take an install. Dual 2.33 5345's, 16gb ram, ati radeon hd 6750. Can't even get to the point of install, if I use that boot disk you uploaded (had to do a crazy search to find it since megaupload went down), it like. freezes after switching over to loading up into the installer and stops sending video, then if I use i b oot, it stalls at waiting for root device. I'm stuck. I need this thing running osx! Let's get it.
  2. kmisterk

    Installing Snow Leopard On A Dell Precision 490

    Hey Hey, guys. I'm working at this now. I've got dual e5345's 4 cores each @2.33gHz with 16gb samsung 667 FB-Dimms, radeon had 6750. Can't even boot yet. In the process of downloading the files from that latest link, so I'll let you guys know as soon as I make any progress, if any is made.
  3. kmisterk

    Ati HD4850 Hdmi working but not Audio?

    It is some ati and nvidia cards that advertise the ability to use a DVI to hdmi adapter to send audio through an hdmi cord to a tv/target that allows audio and video through hdmi. However, if you're not utilizing that adapter, it still is impossible to transmit sound through DVI using a DVI cord. that's not exactly what they are trying to accomplish. That adapter/splitter utilizes two separate cords to transmit audio and video separately. The op is trying to figure out why sound isn't going through the adapter using a single cord while using Osx, when it works that way in windows. it certainly has more than enough separate connections in the cables to support full hd and up to 7.1 surround
  4. kmisterk

    Ati HD4850 Hdmi working but not Audio?

    Doing sine research, I found that some newer gpu cards do indeed have the ability to send sound through their DVI ports. I apologize for my uninformed statement. However, mac has yet to implement a gpu that allows this, and I haven't seen anyone getting this to work on an osx86 build yet. Might just have to play the waiting game.
  5. kmisterk

    Dell Precision M6400 OSX Lion

    Have you tried nawcoms boot cd?
  6. kmisterk

    PunkNugget's Mod - THE HACKINBEAST !

    No complaints about quick rendering lol.
  7. kmisterk

    iMonk Pro - Hackintosh i7 950

    I like it. To me, it's a cool case. My opinion is mine. Not yours.
  8. Not quite, the issue is that USB is disabled by the update. You might try copying your old iousb.kext to your desktop before the update, then after the update BEFORE restarting replace the saved iousb.kext file back to where it was originally. Then restart.
  9. kmisterk

    Ati HD4850 Hdmi working but not Audio?

    If you are using a hdmi to DVI adapter, you can't use audio. Audio doesn't transmit through DVI.
  10. Well, if you can't use your only input devices, it seems you're at a catch 22, since anything anyone will have you do involves your mouse or keyboard...
  11. Use a ps2 mouse and keyboard if you can.
  12. kmisterk

    KmisterK's Recycler

    I think the 1366 CPU's are so expensive cause the slowest ones they make are still relatively high end i7's
  13. kmisterk

    KmisterK's Recycler

    Unfortunately, I don't have the soldering skills required for that accurate of a job. Besides that, it was just the motherboard. No heat sink, no ram, no video card, no CPU. Having the motherboard nowadays isn't exactly a head start, considering the cheapest CPU I could find for it was an i7 920 on Ebay used for 189 with 2 days left on the bidding lol.
  14. kmisterk

    KmisterK's Recycler

    Thanks i'm stoked. We got our first 1366 motherboard in today. It's got a bad capacitor, but that means there are more to come soon. I'm so excited.
  15. [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], use iousb rollback