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No battery is available


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Hello everyone! I succeeded installing Lion to my desktop computer. I then made a DMG image of my partition so that I could transfer it to my laptop. (the trackpad and USBs didn't work during the installation, so I was not able to make the installation directly from the laptop)


But, I'm experiencing some problems with the battery. As you could see on the screenshot, there's the battery icon, and there's an X in it. It says: "No battery is available", "Power Source: battery".


Thanks for any help,




EDIT: The temporary solution is to take AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.6.7


Link for 10.6.7 AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip


EDIT 2: Here is the solution: Thanks to bcc9

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Same problem here (and everywhere, I guess)

kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80882B6B]            poll:  267: Let's message battery 1
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F808879DA]         message:  450: Battery 1: Type: 00092BA9 Provider: VoodooBatteryController
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F8088745E]          update:  474: Battery 1: First time initialization
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F808874C2]          update:  479: Battery 1: Full update of battery is requested
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80887552]          update:  481: Battery 1: Device status is 1f
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80887640]          update:  491: Battery 1: Connected
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80884FE4]     information:  548: Battery 1: Information is updating
[color="#FF0000"]kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80885BE9]     information:  648: Battery 1: ERROR: No battery information present[/color]
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80886047]     information:  675: Battery 1: Committing changes
kernel[0]: Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F80882E8A]     requestPoll:  235: Increasing poll status to 56

It fails evaluating object _BIF (battery information)

			if (kIOReturnSuccess == ACPIDevice->evaluateObject("_BIF", &acpi)) {

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VoodooBattery x86/64 Lion build

Tested: Don't Works!!!!




No previous prototype for 'UInt32 GetValueFromArray(OSArray*, UInt8)'

No previous prototype for 'OSSymbol* GetSymbolFromArray(OSArray*, UInt8)'

No previous prototype for 'UInt32 GetValueFromArray(OSArray*, UInt8)'

No previous prototype for 'OSSymbol* GetSymbolFromArray(OSArray*, UInt8)'


$kextlibs VoodooBattery.kext

For all architectures:

com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily = 1.4

com.apple.kpi.iokit = 11.0

com.apple.kpi.libkern = 11.0

com.apple.kpi.mach = 11.0


$file VoodooBattery.kext/Contents/MacOS/VoodooBattery

VoodooBattery: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures

VoodooBattery (for architecture x86_64): Mach-O 64-bit kext bundle x86_64

VoodooBattery (for architecture i386): Mach-O object i386




Debug: VoodooBattery_1.3.3_x86_x64_debug_20110609_miqlas.kext.zip

Release: VoodooBattery_1.3.3_x86_x64_release_lion_20110609_miqlas.kext.zip / Link fixed



Feel free to report back! :(


Update: Tested!

I got:

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81721359] probe: 55: Score: 0 Provider: IOResources

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F817201F0] probe: 331: Score: 0 Provider: BAT0

VoodooBattery 1.3 © 2008-10 Superhai, All Rights Reserved. Jun 9 2011 19:23:19 DEBUG 64 bit

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81722952] start: 81: Provider: IOResources

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81721DB8] start: 350: Battery N/A: Provider: BAT0

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81720C9B] batteryReport: 201: Battery 1 (0xffffff800ed38200) called in: VoodooBatteryDevice

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81722064] start: 376: BAT0: Received battery index 1

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F8172210B] start: 380: BAT0: We create and attach our powersource

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F81722224] start: 384: BAT0: Powersource initialized

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F817222E4] start: 386: BAT0: Powersource attached

Voodoo[0xFFFFFF7F817223A4] start: 388: BAT0: Powersource started


But: There is an x in the BatteryMeter icon, and it says there is "No Battery". Sometimes i got this in SL too (because i have buggy DSDT), please, test it, maybe you have more luck.


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For some reason ACPIDevice->evaluateObject("_BIF", &acpi) in VoodooBatteryDevice::information returns kIOReturnError in Lion, while in Snow Leopard it returns kIOReturnSuccess.


Strangely in AppleACPIBatteryManager::getBatteryBIF the same method fProvider->evaluateObject("_BIF", &batteryBIF) returns success in both Lion and Snow.

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I'm not sure, where is the bug, can You tell me, where get you the Info about the _BIF section? You started the OSX with debug kernel flag?

I'm tested the Lion DP4 with AppleACPIBatteryManager and with the VoodooBattery kext. None of them works for me. Maybe the ACPI handling changed in the Lion? I don't think so...


Dear oldnapalm, if i can help, feel free to contact me, i have 64bit Lion with Dev Tools installed (XCode). I have a little buggy Battery section in my DSDT (Sometimes the VoodoooBattery have an x in the battery icon on the menubar, but i can fix it with an sleep-wake cycle. (I can't found the problem). AppleACPIBatteryManager thinks i have 2 battery bay (no, i have only 1) in SL. Maybe it attached to wrong ACPI device...


If You need, i can attach my whole dmesg log from Lion.

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Thanks! My battery wasn't showing before I restored the AppleACPIPlatform.kext from my 10.6.7 install. Now I don't have to listen for a little beeping to tell me that my battery is almost dead. I was going to try this, but I was afraid that I would ruin my Lion install because my friend had some problems with his AppleACPIPlatform.kext on his machine. Thanks Again!

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