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  1. I almost have the same problem also, but it is just when I try to open items in stacks, and when I am doing things too fast. I think this could be a graphics problem because I don't have QE/CI (???), but it looks like different things for different computers make it do that. It would really help if someone helped us with this, because it is very annoying to me and I'm guessing everyone else also. PS: My system specs (If anyone needs them) HP Elitebook 6930p Intel Core2 Duo clocked at 2.53 GHz 3 Gigs of RAM Intel GMA4500MHD (Horrible) Dell WLAN 1490 (A Broadcom Chipset) Some Intel Ethernet card which I can't manage to get working with Lion SoundMax/AD 1981a Thanks in advance if anyone could solve this problem.
  2. Install customization - blank

    I was kind of thinking the same thing, but I think that since there is just a base package, and nothing else, like Rosetta, since it was removed, there is no reason to put customizations in there. I have a feeling they will remove the 'Customize' button in the final release. I may be wrong, as this is just my opinion.
  3. No battery is available

    Thanks! My battery wasn't showing before I restored the AppleACPIPlatform.kext from my 10.6.7 install. Now I don't have to listen for a little beeping to tell me that my battery is almost dead. I was going to try this, but I was afraid that I would ruin my Lion install because my friend had some problems with his AppleACPIPlatform.kext on his machine. Thanks Again!
  4. The HP EliteBook 6930p lappie works (sorta) with some hacks. There are some things not working, mainly the battery meter, SDCard slot, and QE/CI (Quartz Extreme / Core Image, which are graphics things). Also remember to buy it with a Broadcom WiFi card, or you will get an Intel one, which works horribly with Mac OS X. Mine came with the Intel, and I had to install a patched BIOS to install a new WiFi card. It was pretty difficult, so this may not be the best of laptops to Hackintosh, but it works!
  5. HP G60-235DX WORKS!

    How did you get quartz gl working? The link is broken. I have native resolution but no quartz gl. Please help?
  6. Security Update 2009-001

    Is it ok to install this update on a hp g60 235dx running kalyway 10.5.2 vanilla kernel and win7???