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  1. sparkythewondersquid

    10.8.2 supplemental

    No problems at all
  2. sparkythewondersquid

    EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC (3GB) Problem with Mountain Lion

    I got mine going with fresh install manual USB installer creation booted into installer with -v PCIRootUID=-0 GraphicsEnabler=no it installed in full res and first boot had full qe as for openCL not working I tried this edit http://netkas.org/?p=1161 but did not work hope this helps
  3. sparkythewondersquid

    EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC (3GB) Problem with Mountain Lion

    I am having problems with this card also on clean install the installer boots fine installs with no problems then KP on boot
  4. sparkythewondersquid

    OS X 10.8.1 Released

    Updated without trouble. For the question of "Can the GM be updated?" A resounding YES!
  5. Thank you it worked the funny thing is the text stops at PCICofiguationBegin but it still boots dual monitors also work I appreciate your help Thank you again
  6. First of all thank you for the help I tried to do fresh install and start with nvega12575s advice result was the same them eep357 got me closer booted with -v AtiConfig=Gibba AtiPorts=5 Black screen I connect through mini displayport (apple cinema 27") thinking it was tyhe port I connected another monitor using HDMI same black screen If I use "Duckweed" boots to gray screen with pointer and a white chessboard in the upper left I found something interesting after clean install the ATI6000Controler.kext has no Info.plist using pacifist I extracted the kexts from Basesystem and the info.plist was there also I cannot find the AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext anywhere in the installer so I still am where I started so I extracted the kext (ATI6000Controler) added my device ID installed with kextwizard same result
  7. This is as far as I have been able to get I have used Duckweed GE=no GE=yes PCIRootUID= whatever there are people out there who got thios to work why wont you share? What I have done I installed using the old fashioned way no ihack I repaired permissions if I remove the ati6000 kext can only boot in safe mode or no acceleration I just don't know why any one I have asked cannot just give me an answer? are we all not here to help one another? I just need to know what anyone running an AMD Radeon 6870 did to get the thing to boot thats all it does not matter what I did or did not do all I care about is what you did Help!
  8. sparkythewondersquid

    Mountain Lion GM ATI Radeon 6870 Problem

    Could you give me some more detail as to what you did? I have been unable to solve this stayed up half the night Thank you in advance Ok I repaired permissions etc etc now it boots into grayish whit screen with mouse pointer in "beachball" mode
  9. sparkythewondersquid

    Mountain Lion Golden Master 12A269 online.

    I got it to install added device ID to AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and now just stalls on boot says "IOBluetoothHCIController :: setConfigState] calling registerService then below that 88.920136: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 did a fresh install Graphics AMD 6870 any ideas?
  10. sparkythewondersquid

    Mountain Lion Golden Master 12A269 online.

    Boots into white screen using myHack tried -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=no and yes had problems with DP3 also I wonder If I can even install ML help anyone
  11. sparkythewondersquid

    new notebook

    Asus G73-xxx works great and since there are 2 HDD you can format one to GUID if you like
  12. Downloading now lets see how it goes its big 1.16GB Updated without issue
  13. sparkythewondersquid

    Hello All... need a little help.....

    I would rename modbin kernel to mach_kernel and boot normal see if that works
  14. sparkythewondersquid

    OS X Mountain Lion DP4 Update 12A248 (18.06.12)

    With all the trouble I had with the install the update went off without a hitch
  15. sparkythewondersquid

    Mountain Lion - DP4 - Install Notes

    Thank you aushack I got the install up and running using "traditional" USB prep removed the ATI6000 and put in ati3000 kext installed from my lion install replaced the ati6000 the only kexts NullPower and FakeMSC booting with Lion 10.7.4, windows 7, windows 8 and Linux Sabayon 9