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8400GS vs. GT220


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Hi everyone,

Everything except my graphic card is compatible with Snow Leopard, so i think that i'll upgrade it

I can buy the nVidia Twintech GeForce 8400GS 512Mb or the nVidia Twintech GeForce GT220 1Gb HDMI (or also ATI Connect 3D HD5450 1Gb hdmi)

I need to choose between those three models. I only use my hackintosh for iMovie,iPhoto, 1080p and basic usage. I need a card that supports dual screen and a card that isn't too hard to install

Thanks for help !

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up please,really need help !


actually i have all three models lol

when first installed the osx on my pc i was with 5450hd, which turned out at that time as not compatible,

so i took the dust out of my 8400gs i found laying around here, and it was good, everything working, from 10.5 and up

but, i wanted a little more, and i had a ridicules price so i bought it (the 220gt), he is good for my taste, i'm not a play a lot of games, but there are times i want to plat a new game, this one did the job for me, i run borderlands on the mac without any problem, of course it not the highest quality in the world, but i'm more into music production so i don't really care.


also. i helped a friend build a pc, and at first we picked the 460gtx for him, but he had a lot of trubles like almost all fermi cards, so he switched to hd 5770, this one is really good with osx, all the graphic is smooth as possible

(no random minor glitches when say like open a stack or folder).


if you want support under more then just snow leo go with 8400gs (i almost certain 220 will not work on biulds under 10.6.5)

thats it

hope i helped



BTW i have the same models but not same manufacture

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Is there a big difference between 8400GS and GT220 in the operating system? I mean does a card freezes sometimes?



Not sure why you want 8400GS, is it because it has passive cooling? 8800GT (used thou) is about 50$, more than enough firepower and maximum support.


You mentioned that you want to use dual screen? Then go with 8800GT and with dual DVI, not VGA. I had a lot of difficulties with VGA/DVI 8600GT. The problem was that first port was VGA, while second was DVI. Even with VGA connecting monitor, you'll get better picture on DVI port (with adapter of course). But the weirdest thing was that on VGA port I wouldn't have any glitches like on DVI. And I would have much smoother animations.


Also, bare in mind that if you want to go above 1920x1080 on dual monitors, you'll need better graphics card than 8800GT. I used 8800GT on 2560x1440 and 1920x1080 dual monitors and had various screen blackouts (on Windows as well.) Before that, I used 1920x1080 and 1440x900 monitors without any issues on 8800GT.


So, bottom line, graphic card with two DVI outputs. 8800GT if you have resolutions like 1920x1080 and bellow. Just don't buy 8400GS because it's slow and old.



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I just can't find a 8800GT in my country, unless online and I prefer to buy it in a shop, thanks.

I need dual screen for two 18,5" BenQ LED 1366x768 and a regular use, 1080p videos, iMovie , GTA Vice City and some other games, so i think i'll buy a GT220 ! Thanks

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8400GS works good enough for me and I get full QE/CI with it. I am using 512 MB card. All I needed to do was inject two strings (0x10c310de and 0x0be310de) in IOPCIMatch key of Info.plist file inside


(for MacOSX 10.6.6)

1. NVDANV50Hal.kext and

2. GeForce.kext


(for MacOSX 10.6.3)

1. NVDANV50Hal.kext

2. GeForce.kext and

3. NVDAResman.kext

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Yep. But there are two GT 240 out: DDR3 vs DDR5 VRAM. Second is much faster in Bandwith, and so also little (10-20%) in gaming.

I would not buy an GT 220.

Good site to compare GPUs:


You can select two GPUs and get much info and some major speed values beside each other.

If you cant find 8800 GT - you only will get it used at EBAY - an really good+compete easy (OS X) gpu you also can look for 9800 GT (wich is similar to 8800=same gpu chip) or 9600 GT which i use, 20-30% slower than 8800 GT but at least twice fast as lowend 8400 GS.

Both 9800GT or 9600 GT are available new and some as green versions - little less watt usage (10% less, but also 5% less speed). But 9800GT or 9600GT arent use so much watt, so normal versions are also very good.


The main reason for faster GPU as 8400 GS are games.

The gpu itself is an good gpu for OS X to do all other things beside gaming.

Even casual games (easy) like Angry Bird mal not run well with this 8400 GS id you play fullscreen above 1440x900 res.

More beautiful games, like Xplane or Asphalt 6 or STEAM Mac games (Portal 1,2 run well with 9600 GT) cant be played at all with fun (>= 20 FPS) with that lowend GPU.

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Yep, its not bad. A bit faster than 8400 GS but also not an gaming card (DDR2 RAM slow).

Its better to have some faster DDR3,4,5 RAM , even if it has only 512 MB than 1 GB but slower RAM.

As, i said, if you dont want to play games, also the 8400 GS is good!

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