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I have been doing a lot of research on this website and the possibilities with computer parts these days seem endless. I want to get the Intel D 945 Processer and an Intel 945G mobo.


Which mobo would you suggest out of these:


945G Mobos


I want everything to be working and from what I have researched.. all the features on these should work. If anyone has a better and/or cheaper suggestion.. I would appreciate that as well.


Thank you!

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I recently built a box with the D945GPMLKR which has about the same specs. Everything except for the audio worked out of the box with an 10.4.6 Jas install and 10.4.7 upgrade. The Sigmatel 9223 requires a small hack (you can find details on the forums here) and then the audio only outputs through the input.


Also keep in mind that the latest boards have only one PATA line for 2 IDE devices max, so if you need more than one HD you'll have to look into SATA. It works well though. I had no issues so far.


As for dual monitors Intel offers an expansion board but AFAIK it's DVI only.


Have fun :blink:

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